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Hi! I'm Yana! A 20-something gender-fuck with a penchant for all things mind-control and monster-fucky. I'm queer, trans, an environmental management-type. I've got a lot of weird, wild, and wicked art to share, and hope to find some people to share it with in this hell-scape of a world!

Attached art is by @DragonFurArt on birdsite

hey my band's new album is coming out this friday (may 28) and you can listen to my song "the tower (ten of swords)" now!!

i made it in 7 hours and it's somehow the best thing i've made yet, pls give it a listen :)

hey! my band's new album is out! it's called #14, and it's our 14th mainline album, and it's really good! i have a song on it called 'stay dead'. check it out!

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We're in the final week of our campaign! If you were thinking about snagging one of these beautiful pins for yourself, now's the time to do it! #queervillainpride

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when i log in and see people pushing the boundaries of twink theory

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GREAT NEWS: we blasted through our first stretch goal last night, meaning the T.F. JUICE pins will be available to all backers! And that means I get to reveal our second stretch goal pin design!

If we hit $3,200, I'll be making this GAY GERMS pin design available! Featuring sparkly pink enamel and bold magenta dyed metal. Infectious AND adorable! #qvp

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heyyyy how's it going y'all i just logged on and WWWHHHHOOOAAA

I think it would be neat if nonbinary characters were more common and normalized

i got a tripod mount for my phone with a circle light...

it'll be used for filming live shows but also possibly for Other Purposes

IT'S LIVE. For the next three weeks, I'm running a Kickstarter campaign to get three new #QueerVillainPride enamel pins made-- and I need your help to make them happen!

Each of these pins will be manufactured in vivid, sturdy soft enamel by pin impresarios Alchemy Merch! Buy your favorite.... or nab the whole set!

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