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At long last, Finley has a ref sheet! I'm so happy~ ^-^ 🧑

Learn more about her here:

🎨 Art by aniMota (@lulilykka on birdsite)

Me on garbage internet connection: why do my ads look so crisp and clear and my actual videos look like pixelated trash?

Looks like someone has their priorities straight.

Feeling really good tonight, so I wanna take the opportunity to happy-post! Here's an amazing piece of Finley gift art that a very nice friend got me; it's been inspiring me and lifting my spirits all week! ^-^ (Art by wodahS720 on birdsite)

family situation, vulgarities, - 

Really fucking sick of this place.

Even when I do my damnedest to take care of everything my folks ask me to, there's still something I "don't do right" or "don't communicate clearly on," which is usually followed by a guilt-trip and/or veiled eviction threats.

This time they did a "reality-check" schtick, "We gotta kinda rope it in here"



i'm so tired ;;

ps, shut the fucking tv off

Lol, I just remembered how I almost went to a Skrillex concert back in 2014, but it was vetoed by my folks when they found out it was standing-room-only.

Imagine sitting down at an EDM concert, are you kidding me lmao

News channels be like: 

"Virus outbreaks are taking place all over the country. So we sent two of our finest correspondents to the worst hotspots in the nation to find out just how bad it really is."

Birdsite being silly 

The way that it's phrased, this Twitter highlight makes it sound like people JUST figured this out.

Thinking about how much of a goon I was in my childhood. I once hatched a plan where I put on a face and groaned until my folks asked me "what's the matter," at which point I read them the entire dictionary definition of the word "matter."

It was great.

"It's so easy to sell merch on Bandcamp, and artists who do make 10x more than artists who don't!"

Yeah, but $0 x 10 is still $0 :joylmfao:

Before music college, I felt like a poser, pretending I knew what was involved in the music-production process, and how to go about it.

Now that I've been at music college for a while, I've learned that I was already doing things right. :^)

You ever log onto [social media site] for ten seconds, then go "WELP that's enough [social media site] for one day"

I thought of something really funny to toot yesterday, but didn't write it down and forgot it. Could everyone just pretend that this toot says that funny thing, please? :p


Thinking about how California got called for Biden with 0% of the votes reported, and I find it both hilarious and sad – the latter being because it REALLY highlights how easily people can get disenfranchised about the whole "everyone has an equal say in this" thing. You know. Like a democracy is supposed to work.

Electoral College? More like Electoral Preschool.


Everyone's like "YAY, CHRISTMAS APPROACHETH!" Absolutely no love for Thanksgiving ;;

While, to be fair, it's not exactly a great cause for celebration, it still makes me sad that people forget the tastiest of the "big three." At least I'll have the whole turkey to myself this year. mmm

Food mention, mini-vent? 

One of the worst parts of having a hecked-up sleep schedule is that all of the grocery and restaurant rewards apps send out their first-thing-in-the-morning spam texts RIGHT before I go to bed. Now is not the time to make me hungry ;;

I realize that I'm not very active on here, and I wanna change that, but I don't really, uh... have much of anything to say right now? lol

I offer a correction to my schedule: it turns out that I do, in fact, have an extra week off from college starting today! Hooray!! \o/

Weird dysphoria trigger? 

I just spooked myself by accidentally playing a very loud video through my headphones at high volume, and ended up an exhausted, dysphoric mess afterward. Has anyone else experienced this? It's a new one for me...

I'm knee-deep into the final week of my current college semester! This is my last full-time term; changing from four to three classes per semester.

Funny enough, most of the heavy end-of-course work was last week, and this week is mostly wrap-ups, so I'm basically finished already! Hooray! Can't wait to take care of everything I've been putting off until I was less busy.

What do you call it when you're deliberately led astray down a path full of insect assailants? 

Bee Trail.

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