Making and and then canceling them is gay furry culture send toot

Rise and grind, gamers. Let's make these Lattes

*Goes to Walmart for badge clips*
Me asking an employee that works in the department: “Hi, do you know where badge clips are?”
Walmart Employee: “.....No.”
Me: “Could you help me look or see if you have them in the back”
Walmart Employee: “I don’t know...”
Bitch what?!

Did some more badges for @sky @/tsukiyo_fur and @/RhyeRhythm on Twitter! Still doing of these floral headshot badges for MFF pick up for $20!! Dm me on here or on Telegram (@/Cosmic_Vega) to get one!

Doing some badges for MFF 2018 pick now for $20!!!! Taking only 4 more slots and took an extra $5 off my original price. PM me on Telegram (@Cosmic_Vega), here or on Twitter (@Cosmic_Hell) if you are interested!

These are all the badges I finished last night.

I really want to make more badges to give people at MFF. Yesterday I finished 7 of them and I just want to make more for people. Please give me more furries to draw

re toot to have your identity stolen by this very good boy

Niggas In Paris....more like Dogs in Prague

Yoooo! So I am doing Badges for MFF2018 for only $25!!! Please gib me an excuse to draw furries and give people badges all day! Dm me on here, Twitter (@Cosmic_Hell) or Telegram (@Cosmic_Vega) to get a slot

Hey everyone my girlfriend @VegaWolf is doing traditional badge comissions for MFF $25 each!!

Hit her up on Mastodon, telegram (@cosmic_vega) or Twitter (@cosmic_hell) to snag one!!!

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*Chugs a bottle of wine* “...And stab Bruno Mars in his god damn esophagus and won’t stop until the cops come in...”

*Listens to ELEMENT. by Kendrick Lamar base boosted*

My beautiful girlfriend @VegaWolf:*to the tune of Harder Better Faster Stronger*


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