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Donation links:$Vaelophis

Birthday/Christmas wishlist (for kind souls ♥):

Unemployed, disabled but not on disability pay. If you'd like to help would be appreciated

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so tired of the constant conflict between roommates here

ffs just talk like fucking adults
don't get angry at each other over fucking dumb shit

being completely fucking ignored is wonderful
feels great
no issues here

Sometimes feels like people try to ignore me as much as possible

angry talk, relationship stuff, pedophile mention 

And the worst part probably is that I have no choice but to play along, because it's that or I'm probably going to lose my housing in general; and I actually have no alternatives

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angry talk, relationship stuff, pedophile mention 

And now their relationships are feeling the strain as they demand everyone get comfy with them dating his pedo ass; one who harasses us, who call us idiots, who thinks we're unreasonable for not being OK with his desires to fuck children

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angry talk, relationship stuff, pedophile mention 

He's also fucking..."not all men" crowd, and thinks women universally hate men and want them all dead. Buddy you might be projecting a bit.

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angry talk, relationship stuff, pedophile mention 

He's also fucking centristy as fuck but doesn't want to admit it

Also constantly brings up random political shit he knows will start a fight because damn this motherfucker wants to be hated

Came into *my* DMs the day before my brithday and started shit over stuff I was trying to forget so I could just exist in the same space as him, but refused to accept anything but hatred.

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fictional 'good cops' become shields for real cops. ACAB

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angry talk, relationship stuff, pedophile mention 

Went into partner #2's DMs to basically call them annoying and demand they stop muting him when they stream, because he bursts in and is loud af about other shit no one wants to hear about

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angry talk, relationship stuff, pedophile mention 

Their other partner is just sick of his shit too
Fucker disrupts peaceful voice chats to basically demand I become spineless and "respect" him despite his being a pedophile who actually refuses to accept that he needs to change

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angry talk, relationship stuff, pedophile mention 

God I hate being pinned in the middle of 4 people's relationship troubles

One's started dating a fucking proshipper, a pedophile; one that no one likes either way because he's emotionally manipulative and fucking irritatingly clingy to them

One of their parters hates him
I hate him

*posts needing help*

*posts sticker of character*
(lots of activity)


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Don't celebrate getting to put an X on your Government ID.

Lets not cheer for false victories. There is no reason a "gender marker" should be there at all.

Not. A. One.

grumblings on proshippers 

"anti's" this "anti's" that
bitch we just want you to not fucking try to pair children up into relationships, and also maybe admit that pedophilia is not ok? like-
never said purity is required, just that this behavior in particular is not ok???

animal death 

roommate got cat
roommate did not check if dogs were good with cats

dogs just killed a stray cat in the back yard. used it like a fucking toy

it's now my birthday
and I've done nothing but feel like shit
and purged some wishlists because well

who the fuck actually looks at them anyway

comes to my DMs
words question of friendship status vaguely to bait shit out
drags a conversation on when I tell him stop 3 times

he *wanted* me to fucking explode. Sorry I have a fucking spine, pedo-apologist?

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if I offer you a blank slate, please fucking TAKE IT

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*tries to be friendly with people*
*gets paranoid DMs from them*
*has day ruined because of anxiety :)*


god I get it

tired of hearing about how your internet dies. we. fucking. know.

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