Why do the photos in this smartphone review show it lying on top of a mossy fallen tree trunk? I don't know, but I guess I like it. It makes me feel like technology can coexist with nature. It reassures me that there are still trees out there.

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Yes! I just managed to
- squeeze my bio into 160 characters (but I thought I have nothing to say about myself?)
- design a banner that reflects my personality

I like how the guy in the corner shrinks as I start typing a new line and expand the text box. It's startling and makes me feel like they're taking a step back to pounce on me.

Update, I have mastered the art of opening people's timelines in a new tab, allowing me to read their yiffs with both of my eyes at once! It's still some weird witchcraft with the PROCEED TO INTERACT and whatnot.

How genius in its simplicity, to make a desktop PC webpage by stapling four mobile pages together... but I only have two eyes???

I guess "tweets" is a somewhat silly name too, but "toots" takes it to another level. This is gonna take me a bit of time to get used to...

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