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I guess it's time for a new post now that I've moved here from Snouts

Hi everyone, I'm a nerdy 34yo trans mouse girl named Rowencia. I also go by Rowen, Ro, and Tris. The Tris nickname comes from the triskelle tattooed over my heart irl.

I'm happy to meet you and to get to know you all better πŸ’œ feel free to say hi any time

vr chat question 

real gf loving hours 

NSFW furry art: girls and their toys 

financial help request, boosts appreciated 

nsfw furry art. lots of toys 

Nsfw commissions, sfw acct link! 

relationship stuff (+++) 

relationship meme silliness 


romantic stuff (~) 

romantic stuff 

Gotta love the feeling of falling for someone. Especially when it comes out of nowhere and hits you hard. I feel all floaty.

Local Alien cutie transforming into a mice version of herself, still absolutely adorable! ✨


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