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I guess it's time for a new post now that I've moved here from Snouts

Hi everyone, I'm a nerdy 34yo trans mouse girl named Rowencia. I also go by Rowen, Ro, and Tris. The Tris nickname comes from the triskelle tattooed over my heart irl.

I'm happy to meet you and to get to know you all better 💜 feel free to say hi any time

Hey guys!
So our landlord just told us we actually can't renew our lease and we have Three Weeks to find a new place to live??
I'll make a proper commission post later, but reminder that mine and @CannabisCryptid 's commissions are open!

sad mouse 

$ help 🐀 

The Board hungers... Would anyone want to donate to my enamel pin collection?


Look who finally came back from my ex! Her name is Eevui

That was so good. Mom took me out for Easter breakfast. She got lemon poppy French toast with this awesome raspberry sauce and I got a lobster and asparagus omelet

nsfw furry art (f/nb pegging) 

Roly poly round maus (big belly) 

sfw furry art 

My name is Sunny! Im a digital and watercolor artist who really wants to get his name out there <3
Shares and feedback mean the world to me!
My commissions are OPEN! <3

Other places you can find me;
🍡Twitter; Sunnysockeye
🍡Twitter after dark; Sockeyestoner
🍡Insta; Sunnysockeye

vr chat question 

real gf loving hours 

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