A Milt for Inktober. This year my theme is "I refuse to take Inktober seriously because I always sike myself out and fail less than 2 weeks in"

Forgot to keep posting Inktober pics but I've been keeping up with it sooooooo have a BUNCH of my OCs on scraps of capitalism all at once...

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Reposting yesterdays to include them with today's since they're a pair: Beepboop and Stump! My Coupon Kid OCs, a very good webcomic by a very good friend, they're on hiatus but I recommend the archive anyway!

Beepboop is nice and likes plants and building gunpla, Stump is continually frustrated at the capitalist hellscape they live in but also God Damn It UberEats Is Convenient...

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HAPPY GAYWEEN AND END OF !! My first successful year, so I'm ending it with Actual Real Effort instead of receipt doodles lol.

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