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If you ever want to ask me a completely unprompted question out of nowhere, this website was made for that and for some reason I'm okay with taking your Uncalled For Queries there (or "Queeries," because I'm some kinda gay):

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Socializing, Mental health (~) Show more

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From the makers of himbo, we present "thembo", for all your gender neutral dumbass needs.

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Man I wish other Italian-Americans weren't so fucking racist to the point where it's like. Imbedded in our culture? Fucking shucks.

Anyway "The Godfather" is a good movie. My wife enjoyed it overall. Just not...the parts that made me post this. Woof...


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Wife and I are doing more E3 watching heck yeah WIFE-UP GAMERS

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Their last video was fun and went to different Indian restaurants and talked about food culture, which is always my big fav, but even that had the shitty "SHOCKED YOUTUBE FACE" thumbnail which...makes no sense. It's just Indian food, why is your special guest who IS Indian looking confused/surprised about the existence of Indian food?

YouTube sucks. Content sucks.

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The Try Guys asking their whole crew to get their ears inspected for wax on-camera because they didn't have enough wax on their own for an entertaining video and are desperate for wax to make content is a beautiful metaphor for YouTube.

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