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Please don't follow request if you're under 18! I won't accept it. There's content here that's not suitable for minors.

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Jesus is my copilot and we’re cruisin for big titty himbo bf

If I was Lena as portrayed by Natalie Portman in the 2018 movie Annihilation directed by Alex Garland, I would simply have had sex with the alien doppelgänger

himbo dinner 

a name coined by Geoff Thew 

I think it’d be good if the Fediverse was made of millions of instances with only a few dozen people each

Fellas is it gay to have an arch nemesis

They seem to be returning to their late 90s/early 00s roots with weird as shit, unnecessary design decisions

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Pretty colors: good
Ethernet port on the power brick instead of the PC: fucking why

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Oh there’s an Apple thing today. Interesting choices on the new iMacs

Fishing trip, but with queer friends.... just me nd da posse chillin on a boat.... hmm yes

Reminder that female dwarves in Dwarf Fortress can have beards with a simple config change, and dwarves will wear anything, regardless of gender, including pants under a dress under a cloak

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