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Please don't follow request if you're under 18! I won't accept it. There's content here that's not suitable for minors.

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PSA thingy about my art 

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I am always in a very good mood when I am play with hot and handsome guy

Mastodon as a suppository. Prepare your anus for my toots.

Psyching myself up to make some really good posts today, so like, get ready

I hate when you get dropped from the server due to inactivity and the server is life

Keeping a normal alt around for normal thoughts

subtoot, not directed at anyone here 

Daddy issues tcg, I have “my dad is more of an acquaintance” and “I want him to be proud of me but also his approval means nothing”. Wanna trade?

Stop with the jokey replies I’m trying to horny post

And don’t get me started on the ecological impact of almond milk

Experiencing the booshie moral panic of having to choose between free range, grass fed milk in a plastic carton, and normal milk in a paper carton

Posting frantically as the spiked ceiling booby trap descends

I want a girl with a short skirt and a looooong skirt

If you’re wondering how my morning is going, I put two contacts in the same eye… twice

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