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Please don't follow request if you're under 18! I won't accept it. There's content here that's not suitable for minors.

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When God made Mastodon he accidentally spilled the jar labeled “miscellaneous twinks” in :^/

Snuggling into bed with a Rocket x Thor fanfic. Living deliciously

And the shitty weather seems to have killed my router

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Shitty weather and a deadly virus. Love you summer 2020

nice balls mate, are you running linux on them

sweaty selfie, no eye contact 

Night Physics was a really good comic and I hope the bear guy is doing alright and not still fucked up on drugs and his ex

What if salad were like coffee, where eating it plain without any toppings or dressing was considered manly like drinking black coffee

I want to tan but I might instantly cook like a bug under a magnifying glass if I step outside

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I want to iterate on this till it looks like an actual flag design 🙂

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I drew a rabbit but it kinda sucks 

managed to make it home without being confronted by a child

[posing butchly in my leather jacket and ripped jeans] even a child could defeat me 🥀✌️😤 ⛓ i am terrified at all times 💪👿 🔪

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