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Please don't follow request if you're under 18! I won't accept it. There's content here that's not suitable for minors.

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project update 

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selfie w/ cat, almost eye contact 

Arctic foxes are the twinkiest of the twink foxes

Me, holding my kitten after being frustrated with her all morning: “Daddy loves you”
*she starts biting me*
“Daddy loves you even when you’re a PAIN in my ASS”

Oh 9:42? Time to watch Jenny Nicholson rank all 14 Land Before Time movies

Me n my cat listening to Midnight in Chernobyl

There’s something surreal about buying screws, nuts, and things like that online. It’s like, I can get 100 of these for $10?!

If you use this app, you have no excuse for not having a fursona

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I’ve scanned several furries today with Toot! and I regret to report that none of you have the correct fursonas

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