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Please don't follow request if you're under 18! I won't accept it. There's content here that's not suitable for minors.

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Would you like the soup or smash brothers?

My bedroom is final destination, no items, fox only

Mewtwo will always be the horniest pokémon to me

Made a lot of real good posts today, friends. Patting myself on the back

So I saw some sweats online that said GAMER on the ass and texted my brother that I needed gamer ass sweat and

Livestream of me removing all 104 stock keycaps from my keyboard and putting on new ones

I like to create, but the process of creating fills me with anxiety and dread

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I’m gay and I want ice cream

You know what, fuck it, I’m not deleting my lewds/nudes. This is me, bitch. I got a cock and balls and they’re pretty alright T B Q H

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There’s a very horny scene in this book where the protag describes the paw pads of a giant bear in erotic detail as it descends to crush her. I see you Mr. author

Going to the foreskin store, y’all want anything?

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bro come on just lemme crank your hog a little

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