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now, I could go into Big Theoretical Talk about tuning out commas and shit here, but basically taking these numerical near-coincidences and running with them mostly determines what musical movements make sense, so to speak - most chord progressions use that 9:8/10:9 equivalency, and the Coltrane changes use the (5:4)³=2 equivalency - both of these would slowly drift off to different keys in just intonation and other tuning systems that don't work that way, so to speak

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also since I completely forgot to address the 'more on that later' bit here thanks to horrible ADHD; basically, musical math doesn't *quite* work and as a result, you kinda have to squish things together to make things work out - our own 12 equal tones do some of this too, squishing 9:8 and 10:9 into one interval and also equating three 5:4s and four 6:5s respectively to one octave - that first one has been a feature of western music since the renaissance, thereabouts

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after that, it was... pretty much a matter of finding a good substitute for the diatonic scale (for which you have two options - either a seven note scale with six whole tones with one semitone jump inbetween, or an octatonic scale five whole tones and three semitones inbetween, distributed as evenly as possible)

I went with the latter, went for something that sounded close to familiar chord progressions, (basically mutated versions of the ol' V-vi-IV-I and vi-IV-V) and there you go

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shit, Wendy Carlos once called it 'uniquely terrible' when she was experimenting with this sort of thing herself back in the '80s - of the tones that you could use for that interval, one is way sharp and the other is way flat

stack them on top of each other though, and those errors kinda cancel each other out - the major ninth sounds pretty nice, so I ran with that and the inversion of what you get when you lop off an octave (the minor 7th - also good) to build chords alongside the usual thirds

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while those last three intervals are pretty fine sounding in it (hell, its major second is spot on, and the minor third is decently close to its alternative ratio 7:6 that our tuning kinda eschews), its perfect fifth (and thus, its fourth) is... pure garbage.

considering the fifth is also a cornerstone of music pretty much everywhere, this presents a problem - you have to rethink how you write melodies and harmony completely.

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y'see, the reason we use twelve notes is it's because it's one of those numbers that when you divide the octave by it, does a pretty decent job at representing all the intervals us westerners use in music, without anything being *too* harshly out of tune - the perfect fifth (3:2), the major third (5:4), the minor third (6:5), the major second (9:8, but also 10:9 - more on that later) and their inversions

13... does not really do this.

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y'know it's been a few days since I dropped this and I should probably elaborate in *what* way this music demo is as weird as it is

the short answer is that there's an extra note in each octave

the long answer is that these thirteen notes are still evenly spaced much like our own 12 tone equal temperament which has... consequences

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Why do we have hands? There are many reasons...
Pet the wolf
Hold the wolf
Cherish the wolf
Forfeit all food in fridge to wolf

Indigenous Christmas donation request!!!!

Navajo nation doesn't have enough supplies to give toys to all the children on the rez this year!

While this is obviously not life threatening, it would be a great way to assist the navajo nation!

Zelle the number in the photo and put the memo Toys for Tots.

fair warning: depending on your tastes this is going to sound anywhere from nice but fucked up in a way you can't put your finger on, or really, really badly out of tune

(mostly because it's uh, blatantly not in standard tuning lmao)

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should I drop a weird fucking music demo right before I get down to cleaning up the house and then go to bed, I dare ask


pooptoot, alcohol 

selfies, eye contact 

selfies, eye contact 

had a fun time with both versions of CATS with friends tonight! please enjoy this drawing i did of Rum Tum Tugger and Mister Mistoffeles, the cats who are boyfriends

i just realized

we've seen people say things like "Alec Technologyconnections" to refer to the host of the youtube channel Technology Connections

this is exactly how a lot of surnames (at least in the west?) originated

"which Tom are you talking about?" "Tom the baker" "Oh Tom Baker, got it"

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