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anyway now that I'm on this site, time for a new post

hi! I'm Vera Lycaon (nevermind the handle), a 28 year old werewolf girl from the Netherlands
★ what -is- this whole gender thing, anyhow
★ I draw and make music every once in a blue moon
★ very pansexual, very trans, vaguely mixed with Black and white passing as hell
★ expect more of the same bullshit I posted on my old account

cozy werewolf infront of fire place
hopefully me tomorrow night

cw anti-hypnokink. if you're under trance this will break you out of it 

europe really do be a big peninsula with a bunch of smaller peninsulas attached to itself

drawn eye contact, sketch of D&D character 

URGENT: meta, defederation, kiwifarms 

psa monsterpit broke earlier and many accounts on other instances were forced to unfollow monsterpit ones, so you may wish to refollow monsterpit accounts.

bound collective

fine I'll address the current fucking discourse (cw: csa) 

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fine I'll address the current fucking discourse (cw: csa) 

death, someone's GoFundMe 

selfies, ec 

vent about bullshit discourse, blatant subtoot 

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vent about bullshit discourse 

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looking at their relatives, spiders are just another example of carcinization when you think about it aren't they

selfie, ec 

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