I would simply use the master's tools to disassemble his house tbh

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Mossberg: Google needs a man who can finally do software engineering and software design

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throwing people onto the street is the right move politically. why does nobody want to work at my local mcdonalds for 12 dollars an hour? how come my neighborhood is empty? why did this store have to shut down because they didn't have enough employees? why doesn't anybody want to work anymore?

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Neofeud is Twelve Minutes, but more cyberpunk, indigenous-left, and takes place in more than one room!
"Hands down the best point and click adventure game ever" - Neofeud reviews like this always make the 3 years of blood, sweat and tears working as a solo-dev worth it!
#cyberpunk #indiegame #indiedev #scifi #AdventureGameFriday #Steam #IndieGameDev

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ive decided im actually fine and have no illnesses physical or mental


Glass Walker green washing scandal

WtA, pol 

Maybe it's not surprising though since pretty much every Garou tribe other than the Bone Gnawers favors some form of top down organization?

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WtA, pol 

It's a little ironic that the Glass Walkers are described as borrowing the organizational structure of corporations and governments, the structures that led to the climate disaster they're fighting.

Apparently the Pokemon game has a "feature"

Where if you lose too many games in a row it forces you to play a bot game so you can get a free win


You ever just remember mpreg clippy

Can't stop thinking about that team lead on Twitter who was posting about how much crunch the IE3 team went through.

Web pages didn't do anything then! What were they working on

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When a bunch of underground rodents get romantically involved, that's a molecule

Stuff... In... Orifaces 

Thinking about those handful of people who reported sounding as a side effect of the vaccine

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Freddi is having a pretty triumphant #TFTuesday.

She's deeming this experiment a success till she finds out there's already a copyright on the name 'Silk Milk'


Discovered the running path I took last summer is more uphill than down. Last year I didn't keep time so it didn't matter

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Certain tips are timeless. Cops are not your friend.

I'm in full ACAB mode today!


Me, intellectually: it doesn't matter what you do, it's not going to feel good, but you need to do something.

Me: <lies in bed and does nothing>


Homestuck's troll romance was copied from Ursula K LeGuin's sedoretu

There I said it

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