Wipol, birbsite link 

*steadily increasing in volume*
Do you ever feel
Do you ever feel
Do you ever feel
Do you ever feel

I wrote automated tests for a view in our product, which in theory, I own.

They've been failing for at least a week, but I haven't had time to look at them.

Someone asked me about it and it was apparent within thirty seconds we had introduced a bug. I want to scream

Katy Perry's Firework, but every line is "Do you ever feel?"


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The eyes emoji is one of the single most powerful symbols of our generation

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I'm making IBS 2: now with paradoxical undressing

Some of you won't notice the difference

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Sometimes the best debugging technique is taking a nap.


People being kind of harsh on E3 considering the past year has very obvious reasons why productive output might be lower at studios.

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Left Gaia Online
Weird Gaia Online
FOSS Gaia Online

I'm fortunate to do with with pretty flexible hours, but it still feels shitty to roll in at 11.

Alright, just a little more to go. Hopefully this project is about 4 hours away from done, plus some test script writing.

Ursula K. Leguin invented Homestuck Troll romance in A Fisherman of the Inland Sea

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