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I realised that I think a lot about if I had another life or got reincarnated etc and wishing that I could be a girl
Thinking oh maybe that might happen some day, maybe I'll be able to come back as a girl or something

And then I realise that this is it, I only have this life
If I really really want that, I can totally make it happen

I just can't bring myself to do anything about it though

Legit want to make like a prostitute / bimbo esque character but without being too generic or stereotyping or disrespectful to actual sex workers

Not sure if it's a good idea

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all titties are designed to be held

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I really want to be more comfortable and confident aligning myself with a more male persona?
Like... I want to be able to be happy with what I've got physically as a body, and not feel like awkward or that I suck at it when I try to act more confident / dominant etc (if we're talking nsfw stuff)

Miku was great and at one point she even did a dab

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Just saw a café called "Double J's" and I'll be severely disappointed if it isn't run by girls with big boobies

super difficult trying to get through rn when everyone talking about smash
i planned on getting it but i've had so much unexpected expenditure this month already, it's gonna be a while until i can get it

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I've been playing Amorous, haven't played it before at all.
Real talk though, scenes with the trans characters and listening to their backgrounds is making me feel that uneasy fuzziness...
Like, a kinda pain / longing because I identify with it but can't bring myself to be okay with things in the same way?
It's super difficult to explain but I hope someone gets what i mean...

I didn't know people actually used tumblr
I still don't really get what you're supposed to do with it

I invented a new drink
Irn Bru & Malibu
It's fucking amazing

I got Thems Fightin Herds
And it's the cutest thing ever omfg

My feed seems to be filled with people being strange about some holiday I don't understand
I thought people didn't bring this kinda stuff to mastodon
I realise that there needs to be a bigger non-American presence here lmao

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That's the issue with the Voyager plates too
They're so abstract, it's difficult for even the average human to decipher it
So the chances of a completely alien species getting any understanding from it are minimal

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