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It me

Super basic and I probably should have used markers or something

Guys if you're gonna talk about weed and put it behind content warnings can you not just use the weed emoji
I have the terms blocked because I don't want to see it

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Was doing some character design and invented a mysterious creature

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I'm kinda glad I don't have a character compendium any more

It was nice to keep records and bios, but I don't feel as bad now if I want to ditch / redesign them
It's not like I'm going against canon or whatever now

Price recently dropped from £15ish

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Think I finally might be settled on an idea for a comic!
I wanted to get into them before, but now I'm not so sure I want to do explicit fetish ones, at least not for now.
Thinking of something ecchi / cute / cheesecake, maybe some light BE just because titties are life

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I want to draw but I'm so used to drawing being a horny fetish lewd thing that I have no ideas or motivation now I'm trying to distance myself from that stuff now

I suppose I could do tame pinups?? But how to make those interesting...

Don't put "crumble of the day" or "soup of the day" on your menu if you're just gonna have apple crumble or tomato soup

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