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Hey, I'm Maday. I draw mainly furry art (very fashion centric, but not limited to that) and really enjoy experimenting with mediums.

Not very talkative, but I do enjoy interacting with people and finding friends wherever possible!

Also, not necessarily 100% migrating from the bird app but moreso trying to find a cozier place to hang out.

You can find me on a handful of social medias, all under the same nickname ✨

The cats are gay and they're kissing!!!!

White hair kitty is my dear friend @ anyesyd on birdapp 💕

nsfw art 

I may be sick but that doesn't stop me from taking cute selfies

That's a lot of CWs for one single image...hopefully it's not too much 😅😅

nsfw art, latex, shibari, bodily fluids, bdsm 

Started the month off with some really spicy stuff!!! (Character belongs to Teyk_Steele / Teyk_fursuit on birdsite)

Good morning!!
I'm 2 days behind in my bullet journal and it's already become painfully obvious that I need it to organise my work.

Totally not saweating bullets rn trying to make May's spreads fast but still pretty

nsfw art, birdsite mention 

Forgot to post the finished sketch but look at him, he's so pretty!!!

(sketch commissioned by [at]NuttinPurrsonal on Twitter)

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I say life's good because I get to draw super cute things like:

Sorry but my head is empty at all times and this is what happens

I did eventually figure out the name of this wonderful little creature lol

I literally gave her my daily bag and my current fave owned shoes lol

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Crossposting from birdsite because this piece I made for a friend is just too cute to not post.
Love choosing outfits for people 💕✨

...I need to pin mastodon so I don't forget to check it ;; went to sleep without checking if anyone had taken me up on the doodle offer after the 1st two were done OOPS

If you are the owner of one or more Furred Sonas TM and wouldn't mind me doodling something fashion related of your character (making boundaries known is welcome and expected, but would prefer to not be told what to do exactly) so I can warm up for commission work, this is it this is your toot! I'll pick people at random, a max of 5 I think! Bust or fullbod at random too.

Boosts ok!

Can be sfw or nsfw!

Examples attatched:
1st pic (@itsevilyn on birdsite)
2nd pic (Miranda and Silvia, my OCs)

Might do my warmup free sketches over here tomorrow, since the vibes are immaculate and I doubt I'd get suffocated like on the bird app...

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Adjusting my little old man glasses as I look at everyone's furred sona

Mm yes, most delightful

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