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Nude Butt 

Decided I wanted to upload the full picture I have of my sona. He likes to be pretty.

Art is by the very talented @[email protected]


Just wanna heap wild adoration on friends.


Away from home and pent up folks should flirt at me

I want to live near a good light rail system!

Honestly more folks should be dragons or kobolds


My tinfoil conspiracy theory: VRChat purposefully initiated this backlash, because they want to create a walled garden of mods and appearing to overreach and backpedaling gets people more on board than if they went straight to walled garden.


I have been mulling getting fbt and when I do...I really want to dance for folks.

pooltoy kink 

all drinks taste better if you're sucking them out of a pooltoy friend's nozzle

People like to talk about what they'd do if they woke up as their sona and it's always like...admire myself in the mirror or show off. Personally I'd find something my height and kick it over.

I don't think I've mentioned in a while but I stream! if you want some chill times late at night hang out at

disco elysium minor spoilers 

but also we got to teleport in front of kim kitsuragi and a small child so there's that.

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Ah yes the good ol, Disco-Elysium-sharp-intake-of-breath to end the night.

Stream, Self Promo, Hyper Light Drifter 

I'm getting back into streaming tomorrow at 5pm Eastern after taking a long while off/doing a lot of presentation work. I'd love to have a nice comeback, so it'd mean a lot if you came by and told your friends! I'm normally shy about self-promo but I gotta push thru this time -

selfie, bust 

nonbinary kobold has a nice chest.

I'm cute. I can't explain it but I'm sorry it's true.

social stuff 

Maybe VR makes me less guarded and being more vulnerable makes that feeling stronger? Any which way it’s a nice feeling. I feel more myself than ever and good about that.

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social stuff 

…it’s only just dawning on me that there might be folks that wanna see me as much as I want to see them. That’s been weird! I think maybe I was closing myself off to that without realizing.

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