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Realizing I never made an intro post, and with so many new peeps around, now seems like a good time for that lol

I am Sudaksis! (try to pronounce it, no, not like Jason Sudeikis, or just call me Suda)

Mainly a Kivük (my made up species), but with cyber 🐓 and Komodo 🐉 taur OCs.

Basics are on my bio but I tend to talk videogames, make bad jokes, post odd polls, and am a level 101 Wordle champ. Sometimes posting art I commission or pixel art I make.

Welcome to the fediverse!

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why yes, Cult of the Lamb is excellent 🐑

it's rather ironic that I wanted something like VRChat back when I used to have a VR headset and now that I've ordered a new one, VRChat is pretty much off the table for the direction they have chosen to take

Humans do not have enough weapons to fight all of the ants on earth if they waged war

even amongst my co-workers, I am a computer shortcut fiend. there's at least a dozen I use on a regular basis for work and most of these guys only do like 4 lol 💻

it's amusing to hear my co-worker continuously saying "policemans" when talking about the cops lol

thinking I'll finally play a Pokémon game when Scarlet/Violet come out

my alarm clock today was the thunderstorm. I'm up now, nature

speaking of which, the Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock gives a strong Providence vibe

Somehow still only have 1/3 the hours into Risk of Rain 2 compared to 1. Still trying to justify why but 1 might just have more meaning to me because of the time in which I played it

the flowers by the riverside in bloom now and they are quite lovely!

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Fine Folks of Fedi: How did you start your career in a tech field?

I'm interested in pursuing a career in development (game, web, or software) and would love some advice!

What kind of training/experience do you have (or recommend)? Are certificates or coding boot camps well regarded? Did you start with an internship, or did you jump right in to a full-time position?

I'd be happy to learn from your experience!

(Boosts appreciated)

the soft click clack of the frets on Rock Band guitar controllers is canonically the same sound my hooves make 🦌

today's the day folks

(I don't know the original source. pulled it from Telegram channel)

omg omg omg they're finally putting in Waluigi Pinball to MK8 booster pass! :D

Shape shifters could also be called non-formists

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