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$10 sketch comm for @Vixlia of a sleepy sky shaymin 😴

Commissions like these start at $5, any subject, sfw only.

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uh uh if anyones interested im doing some uhhh $5 sketch comms to makes some money + get myself out of my art slump
ill draw really anything*
*sfw only
(if ur interested let me know if you want traditional sketch or digital)
two examples from yesterday

we’re having a Halloween even at work and hhhhgg I’m so tired lmaoo I’d love to go but my body can’t

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working design but. bee pony fursona! a beeny that loves flowers and always smells of honey
bees follow them everywhere
(they can speak to the bees)

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‪if you’re ever confused about how cults can possibly exist just look at how celebrity stans act‬

why the fuck grown ass men be going around grunting and moaning all the time SHUT UP!!

‘cops should be at pride to keep us safe’ butch lesbians will keep us safer than any cop could

all men look and act like neanderthals

@Sollux I wanna marry a butch cowgirl and live on a farm

not to be a filthy westerner but man I love horses

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