mast would be perfect if i could pull timelines from different instances im interested in x.x

@SkylarDragon there's probably an app for it, but you can follow people from different instances, so why have multiple timelines?

@fariparedes so I can meet and interact with new ppl without needing to switch accounts, that's probably a me thing tho. If it would destroy the purpose of mast

@SkylarDragon no I mean why have multiple accounts? I don't think it's "against the purpose of mastodon" I just genuinely don't see what you'd need them for

@fariparedes idk. I'm new here so I don't exactly know how everything works yet but I dropped some accs onto different instances

@SkylarDragon ah, well, there's nothing wrong with it but you can interact with any account on any instance from any other instance so you can just follow all the same accounts on each account so your TL is the same. mastodon even lets you export and import who you follow iirc


@fariparedes I did see that, but I also want to separate nsfw and sfw accs so I still keep 2 up at least lol

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