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Commissions Open! 

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Hello there! I'm Shukin, 25, he/him, lewd artist and I've yet to make an introduction post since I started using this place!

I'm currently focused on honing my art and having fun with this as it goes. Take a look around my media if you want to see some of my art, and feel free to comment on anything or ask me stuff at , I'll be glad to help you out!

I also have a Ko-fi, if you want to throw a tip my way!

Have a nice day!

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Icon made by @redluli ! Go hit her up if you want something similar, she's an amazing artist and great person to hang with!

Negative Ranting 

I have a CuriousCat that I'm usually answering one or another thing from time to time, sometimes with art, are you guys interested in that too?

And here I was, saying I was going to be more active around this community again and -going radio silent for almost a month-.

Yep, that's me pff

Good morning, everyone! The world is going awry and everything is a mess, but we're still marching on towards a hopefully bright future.

Let me pave the way with lewds, I'd say :P

As an addendum, I want to be a bit more active around these parts again, there's plenty of friendly people around that I miss interacting with even if just once in a while, and the higher character count definitely makes this easier to use :P

As always, I'm not going to promise anything, but I might draw something for this...

Good morning, everyone πŸ’›
Hope you all have amazing and productive days!

Saucy Art - Fox & Bunny 

πŸ”ž Art - Cowgirl & Aural 

NSFW Art - Smashing Birds 

NSFW Art - Slight Misunderstanding (Earfucking) 

re: NSFW Art - Fennec Hypno Sketchpage 

NSFW Art - Fennec Hypno Sketchpage 

NSFW Art - Sunbathing Art Trade 

NSFW Art - Wet Micro Shirt Contest 

NSFW Art - Poolside Fun 

NSFW - Good Puppy (Mouthplay) 

Shukin Reference Sheet 2019 (NSFW) 

NSFW Art - Leash Play 

NSFW Art - Point-of-view Shot 

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Big thanks to @sky and the staff for always watching out for us, making this a safe place, and moderating when necessary. :blobhearttranscat:

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