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Hello there! I'm Shukin, 25, he/him, lewd artist and I've yet to make an introduction post since I started using this place!

I'm currently focused on honing my art and having fun with this as it goes. Take a look around my media if you want to see some of my art, and feel free to comment on anything or ask me stuff at , I'll be glad to help you out!

I also have a Ko-fi, if you want to throw a tip my way!

Have a nice day!

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Icon made by @redluli ! Go hit her up if you want something similar, she's an amazing artist and great person to hang with!

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Fursona ref sheet πŸ”ž Show more

This is a comm for and it's been a while since I've made something in cell-shading! Thank you for choosing me as your artist and for your support!

NSFW Art - Nacho Ref Sheet Show more

NSFW Art - Pressing Down Show more

NSFW Art - Showing How It's Done Show more

This was a fun commission for @TJCheetahΒ , and one of the hardest poses I've had to draw so far, so yeah, I hope you all enjoy it!

NSFW YCH - Bound in Straps Show more

Hyper / Question Show more

Arting is -hard-. Only advantage is to lewd your friends while still having something to show off to everyone else :P

Meta (-) Show more

NSFW Comic - More than Books Show more

NSFW Comic - Earning that Raise Show more

NSFW Comic - Just a Snack Show more

NSFW Art - Backstage Entry Show more

NSFW Art - Trevelyan Ref Sheet Show more

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re: MH Vent Show more

re: MH Vent Show more

MH Vent Show more

Saucy Sketch - Soft Puppy Show more

This is a commission for @PurrPurin , and it was my first time drawing in a kemono-esque style! I'm super happy with how it ended up looking, and I'll surely have to draw more cutesy stuff at some point!

Once again, thank you for choosing me as your artist!Β πŸ’›

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