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Hello there! I'm Shukin, 25, he/him, lewd artist and I've yet to make an introduction post since I started using this place!

I'm currently focused on honing my art and having fun with this as it goes. Take a look around my media if you want to see some of my art, and feel free to comment on anything or ask me stuff at , I'll be glad to help you out!

I also have a Ko-fi, if you want to throw a tip my way!

Have a nice day!

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Icon made by @redluli ! Go hit her up if you want something similar, she's an amazing artist and great person to hang with!

Sometimes it saddens me to see that people are so focused in searching for the latest drama that they can't even see how they're just falling prey to trolls that are purposefully watering down the meaning of discourse and making their point to invalidate any serious discussion.

It's awful how this tactic is working like a charm because people just can't stay without a fight.

Furry is being used as a mask for the worst type of people and no one sees it.

Makes me want to take steps away from it

I am in my new place, and this is super exciting! First night on it and we're only now realizing that yeah, at night there are some weird noises in the building, but I'm sure it's going to stop soon enough or we'll just get used to it. I got used to worse in my old place

Anxiety is lowering, and that's good, but my knee is very bad, and that sucks, but we're doing it one day at a time.

For now, time to get my computer back on


Live2D is such a hard thing to learn when all the good documentation is in japanese

Wish I was full weeb and learned the language pfff

Hellsite numbers vent 

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light nudity, cute cuddles <3 

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PDA, super wholesome 

I'm feeling somewhat terrible for not being 100% there for those friends in need, like, I'm used to help people in their time of need but I'm not knowing what to say, I'm not in the same good situation with enough stability to be of help and...

It feels like I'm dropping the ball as a friend :/

Oh no, am I in the wrong timezone for this? I see everyone is much more active while I'm asleep πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

I want to interact with all you cute peeps and just have a fun time but aaaa

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nsfw doodles 

Re: NSFW πŸ”ž - OC art, furry, sex 

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NSFW πŸ”ž - OC art, furry, sex 

One of the secrets for being more active is fostering a good community around this. I don't know if most people that followed me are still active pff

Might need some tips on how to interact with people around these parts :P

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πŸ”ž Star Fox Gangbang Blowjob w/ Cumshot 

πŸ”ž Star Fox Gangbang Blowjob w/ Cumshot 

Negative Ranting 

I have a CuriousCat that I'm usually answering one or another thing from time to time, sometimes with art, are you guys interested in that too?

And here I was, saying I was going to be more active around this community again and -going radio silent for almost a month-.

Yep, that's me pff

Good morning, everyone! The world is going awry and everything is a mess, but we're still marching on towards a hopefully bright future.

Let me pave the way with lewds, I'd say :P

As an addendum, I want to be a bit more active around these parts again, there's plenty of friendly people around that I miss interacting with even if just once in a while, and the higher character count definitely makes this easier to use :P

As always, I'm not going to promise anything, but I might draw something for this...

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