Selfie, ec, boosts/flirts appreciated 

selfie, eye contact, boosts appreciated 

why is there not a sandwich shop just called Dom’s Subs

Me: "I'll make a new social media account"
Also Me: *completely forgets to use it*

Think I'm just about done getting my life consumed by Animal Crossing... finally...

You ever just hit the favorite on the wrong toot (or other analogue), and panic undoing it, hoping the notifications drops off the map

What antics have I missed in the past couple days? 👁️

thinking about cute friends -> realizing you're crushing

ec art birdsite 

MH stuff, venting 

Like, I think an ideal system would be... have /at least/ 1 basic furniture option a day (a fridge, a table, etc)... and then whatever else is just whatever the game can shit out of its random pool... gnomes... anatomy statues... etc...

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I'm not asking for some incredibly complex design or anything. Just something like... wooden cupboards... marble countertop... that's probably it. Why is basic furniture so hard to come by in this game.

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Do counters (besides diner counter) even exist in New Horizons? I just want some nice counters/tables so I can make my kitchen... 😩
Is that too much to ask?

and of course, there's the old chestnut: I Don't Want To Creep You Out By Engaging With You Too Much

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