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tired: keep austin weird

wired: keep furry incompatible w/corporate interests

I love living in this gorgeous little valley. There's so often such a nice view of the morning clouds still clinging to the lake and mountains.

While you were enjoying the videogame you purchased, I studied getting mad about it on YouTube

Oats, trickle down, joke 


but i gotta show u the best skunk picture ever


Is there a Pete Seeger of Hip hop or rap?

Any suggestions for said mood. Please send.

Hey, PSA:
If you're in a bad living/working/relationship situation, and don't know what to do?

Start working on getting out of it. today. Put yourself on that path, because of all the damaged people I've known, the ones who got Better, and Fast, got away from the thing that was hurting them and started a life that was so much better than they thought possible when they were hurting.

And it's possible. Loneliness is a power that we possess to give, or take away, Forever.

It is way to easy to turn a police baton into a fidgeting device. - shhhhlink, as she knocks down and dents her computer-

And as always. Thea finds herself knockin' around the zoo.

Waking up to birds is a lovely reminder winter is over.

lost dog (Cleveland area), call for help 

tumblr link, "30 days of autism acceptance" 

the entirety of snouts is rudely awakened by the sound of a big gay dragon whining about hunger

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