autism ableism 

re: autism ableism 

re: autism ableism 

I realzied I often have memories of songs play back in reaction to emotions instead of anything related to myself or life expierece.

Just. Plop song.


Living with a condition making me more prone to dissociation from not only emotions by entire thought processes I can say that's pretty damn accurate to with what I've expiereced.

Being an amateur historian it ends up shining a light on just how reliant people are on conditioning for learning to process ideas.

re: Pol 

re: Pol 



Thea: Would be an excellent long period camping partner and Forrester.


Thea: Yoari are you just the Montessori teacher living that body?

Sedna: - breathes into paper bag-


Sedna: I wake up to hear from Thea you're playing God to create the equivalent of meatsuit attendant.

Genderless species for your next fursona:

Dragon: Dragons come in every configuration. It's just accepted.

Unicorn/Alicorn: Always purest gay, if you have to ask you don't get it.

Fae: There's no elvish word for 'Heterosexual'

Demonic/Angelic host: Several conjoined gold rings studded with unknowable eyes surrounded by crow's wings is a timeless look.

Pokemon: Because do we really wanna know? Too cute to care.

Moogle/Chocobo: The only two true genders.

@kit stuck in the 70s and being so freakin cutteeeee


eye contact, horse based camouflage 

Photo, eye contact - Humpty Dumpy 

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