A dragon wearing jorts and nothing else


Always sunny is an example of everyone except the main characters changing.

Every time I see an older map I have an urge to take a picture of it and try to catalog it and I wish I could ask to take it down to get better lighting.

This is a normal urge for maps, correct?


Dissociation did what was supposed to do. I'm glad <3


All what you described is known as dissociation. It occurs in time of great stress: Car crashes, near death run ins, danger.

You had what by all means is rather common in those situations.

Hope you're doing alright today.


Even with future computing and storage methods brought about by quantum computers.

Mind body problem and philsophy kicks in much to the dismay of Ray Kurzweil.

@budgiebin @code

We live that already, I thought in that hypothetical there could be some improvement in the wetware to hardware process.

@budgiebin @code

So I'm counted out... Can Thea as a shark-skunk aquire said power?

Have a safe Pride! Staying in the closet until you're independent from your parents who follow a hypocritical death cult is valid.

This is one reason why I think UBI, despite it's drawbacks, would have revolutionary potential (and also a reason, imho, that Marx started to think of "free time" as a measure of wealth towards the end of his life):


I see Ohio as a song and I start getting flashbacks to the Crosby Stills and Nash.

Oh wait this song named Ohio has nothing to do with that does it.

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