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So I got to try my hand at DSLR photography again. Rusty but. It was always fun doing with dad and I think it's good to try to get back into.

Btw this is from the Cuyahoga Valley national park about 20 minutes outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

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I've been having to get rid of piles my dad's old CDs lately and I get to be a sucker for my smoking, drinking, and swearing woman from Saskatoon.

Well. I got to downtown alive after my car wouldn't start.

Uh. Have a picture of the Rock n roll hall of fame on a deadly cold day

With this I can finally become a religious minister in the state of Ohio for the right to marry and bury people.

As the local religious official I'm here for spiritual needs. Or not. I don't decide that for you. But I'm arounnnnd.

Tomorrow is gonna be interesting.

So many scarves at once are possible in this sorta weather.

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I found this in the garage years ago. Never knew who's it was.

But cool right?

I think I'll never grow tired of looking at open bodies of water.

Lake Erie is mood.

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