I think I dress weird but someone pointed out I dress pretty normally if it was 1972.

Also called me out on how much CCR I listen to.

Someone please put me out of the misery of inadvertently becoming a hipster without realizing it.

@SeddyOchs Nah, own it. Vintage styles come back into vogue about 20 years after they peak, we're about at the 40 year mark so you might just be at the forefront of a minor fashion trend

what i'm saying is that being a hipster is actually not a bad thing, it at least helps make you a unique, memorable person in some ways.

@SeddyOchs i knew a guy who dressed like a russian field officer or a pulp adventurer for funsies, the sky's the limit


I think my words do enough of the work. But yea nah groovy I dig it.

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