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Well it's official. The Yippies nominated an animal for President long before Furries were even a thing.

We have failed as a subculture.

If Thomas Edison was a smarter man he would have made mail order smut for use in the Kinetoscope for Edwardian era enthusiasts of lewd desires.

So if Sunday you're free
Why don't you come with me
And we'll poison the pigeons in the park

Lyrics for the ages and just a mood.

I need a co processor and memory upgrade so I can remember all these interesting wonderful people I keep meeting. I just. God I hate these meatsack limitations.

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It boggles so many boomers minds that someone like me.

Who loves studying buisness and economies and actuarial stuff.

Is an anti capitalist.

I used to hustle in all sorts of things and always found new ways of making money. But like. I understand how fucked this system is because of how many of the rules are the most abitrary shit on the planet.

Wam bam bingo.

Well. First night of therapy with the goals of understand my world as an autistic person. Just.

Not my first session of therapy or the last in my life. But it is the first dealing with the root cause of my piror issues of depression and anxiety. Which was just not being understood that I just process the world so much differently.

I wish all of you a good night and to continue your journey to self actualization.

Only now am I understanding that I have feelings and all that.

I just spent so long numbing them I forgot I had them.

I feel a lot more alive than I have for nearly all my life.

At some point you reach a threshold of people breaking dress code rules that it's neigh impossible to put the cat back in the bag.

I have an oversharing problem and now I'm realizing the cats been out of the bag so long I'm screwed.

I'm sitting. Waiting for my hair to be done.

And just. Only thing on my mind is a nice juicy hotdog. I want a dog and some Bertman's mustard. I am a hungry fkin shunk.

A regular diet of street vendor hotdogs are part of my plan of having the immune strength to handle anything.

God I haven't played video games in a long damn time.

I've gotten into the wandering around the city in my car bullshit.

Cleveland is a pretty city in its own run down way.

Needs more tree coverage tho.

I'm finally watching Russian doll. They use a Harry Nilsson song as an opening and I'm very happy about it.

Also a great night because first time in a month I've see my partner!

Klingon bdsm has to be a thing. publicly they're violently opposed to any kind of bondage, imprisonment, etc. a good "traditional" marriage seems to be one between equals. I can't help but think that some of the best dommes in the Galaxy are Klingon women.

If you're going to buy pickles. By the cold pack. You need to store it in the fridge. But unlike the florescent green vlasics. It crunch.

Oh boy do it crunch.

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I just realized how much of a near instant coping mechanism rock and roll music is for me... Alright more speficially Chuck Berry.

Like I was crying in the car and turned on some Maybelline and within a minute I was singing.

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