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Well it's official. The Yippies nominated an animal for President long before Furries were even a thing.

We have failed as a subculture.

Someone: oh you're very cultured-
Me: okay well the idea of being cultured was perpetrated to shame the underclass for not having access to learning in various shapes or forms...But yeah I read a lot because it hid the sting of bullying or whatever

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I refuse to stop putting big ears on sharks

Hi frendos. Sorry I have been absent for so long. I got absorbed into the furryverse. Am now trash, but much more cuddly.

I'm contemplating buying a copy of "Bound for Glory" for the sake of reliving all those old stories my father used to tell me about unions and struggle for a better life for workin' folk.

And I mean. Come on. Woody Guthrie.

Shit I saw a motherfucker eating oatmeal while driving. With a fucking spoon. You need a tool to eat your shit you shouldn't be driving.

This was on the highway. I got to spend five minutes in horror before parking and being able to type this out man.

Character reference for @SeddyOchs of her shark-skunk (shunk) Theodora! (SFW version)

Get your own for $60+!


This is what I get for locking the door.

I accidentally locked my coworker's door an hour a go and now we have to call a locksmith.

I'm not in trouble but I do have a stress rash.

TV ad: Latest youth fad game

Me: I can turn that into gambling.

I feel as if I learned cup stacking I could hustle for money by turning it into gambling.

There is nothing better for youtube than chrome extensions to remove the comments section.


Also me: OOOOOO Imperator Rome is coming out I'm so ready for Senate shenanigans.

trans men u can have all my testosterone if u want it tbh I don't want it just take it

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There is nothing better than county beef maps.

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