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Well it's official. The Yippies nominated an animal for President long before Furries were even a thing.

We have failed as a subculture.

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I think I dress weird but someone pointed out I dress pretty normally if it was 1972.

Also called me out on how much CCR I listen to.

Someone please put me out of the misery of inadvertently becoming a hipster without realizing it.

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What is with all these wolves in people?

I got a coyote and hitch hiker in me but I'm forty years past Joni Mitchell song quotation being relevant. lol.

when someone says "human nature" in the chat

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I am bringing a gallon of lake Erie water where ever I go for drinking contests.

"Oh, you can down a bottle of vodka? I can down a liter of water straight from the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. I can taste the runoff"

I wish anyone reading a good mayday.

Keep onto the path fellow laborers, toilers, and all those under the banner.

Hi everyone sorry I haven't posted here in a hot second

Big life update tho

I'm getting my legal name change tomorrow morning

When you study history you study a lot of neurotic people.

You start thinking like them.

Then soon enough you'll be cursing a dude from decades ago in a non-chronological rant.

My life ~

@Motodrachen thanks for the full realization of Tank aunt status.

Thea: God bless you.

I think living in suburbia after living in the city for most of my life has frickin radicalized me more than anything else..

Ever get one of those sudden urges to sing an entire album by Joni Mitchell at a karaoke and giggle through the entire thing.

Dude I got a hankering for it.

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