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Well it's official. The Yippies nominated an animal for President long before Furries were even a thing.

We have failed as a subculture.

Genderless species for your next fursona:

Dragon: Dragons come in every configuration. It's just accepted.

Unicorn/Alicorn: Always purest gay, if you have to ask you don't get it.

Fae: There's no elvish word for 'Heterosexual'

Demonic/Angelic host: Several conjoined gold rings studded with unknowable eyes surrounded by crow's wings is a timeless look.

Pokemon: Because do we really wanna know? Too cute to care.

Moogle/Chocobo: The only two true genders.

eye contact, horse based camouflage 

Photo, eye contact - Humpty Dumpy 

Every time I see an older map I have an urge to take a picture of it and try to catalog it and I wish I could ask to take it down to get better lighting.

This is a normal urge for maps, correct?

Have a safe Pride! Staying in the closet until you're independent from your parents who follow a hypocritical death cult is valid.

This is one reason why I think UBI, despite it's drawbacks, would have revolutionary potential (and also a reason, imho, that Marx started to think of "free time" as a measure of wealth towards the end of his life):

mental health (+) 

Food, Pickles 

very happy about being a dragon tbh 🐲 :purple_sparkling_heart:

Food, my oat problem 


I think I dress weird but someone pointed out I dress pretty normally if it was 1972.

Also called me out on how much CCR I listen to.

Someone please put me out of the misery of inadvertently becoming a hipster without realizing it.

Food, my oatmeal love. 

What is with all these wolves in people?

I got a coyote and hitch hiker in me but I'm forty years past Joni Mitchell song quotation being relevant. lol.

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