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How I feel having a carnivorous species for a fursona

Nothing like your last good pair of jeans ripping at work

[Boost pls] Hello, I have some slots open for colored sketches! 40$ per body, any rating, queer creator, kink friendly! 18+ only!

Convenience fees for paying my Rent online are bullshit. 2.5% is an extra $20. That’s horseshit.

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If you're in New England, here's what you can do:
• Go to your local stop and shop and join the picket line!!! Wear red!!
• Boycott Stop and Shop
• Organize rideshares to help people (especially strangers and non-furries) get to affordable grocery stores that aren't stop and shop
• Follow for updates on the strike

#1u #Furs4Labor #StopDontShop #DontCrossPicketLines #ThisIsWhatSolidarityLooksLike

apparently theres a variation of mori girl fashion called dark mori and it literally what an actual witch would wear

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