oh yeah here's the (extremely good and smug) maple chibi from the yiff life about page

Being a furry is just a way to get your friends to send you pictures of your favorite animal

I need help shopping for electricity. Anyone got tips?

:Goat: P R A I S E Y O U R S Y S A D M I N :Goat:

retoot to support this hardworking single mom

Oops stayed up late reading again. Series finished though. It was worth it.

fresh out of the oven by @Fireflufferz starring @boringcactus @pandorasfox and yours truly drinking that dumb bitch juice

“A developed country is not when the poor have cars. It is when the rich use public transportation.” Gustavo Petro, socialist candidate for Colombian presidency

The dangers of books fora Scone:

Finding a finished series you get hooked on and crushing half of it in one night instead of sleeping. Oops.

Awesome I get to drive to Grapevine in the middle of the night with an out headlight.

Jesus fuck I am not having any luck replacing my driver side headlight

if you say howdy without a shred of shame smash that retoot

Trans rats rats who are TRANS

second design, with stickers and tshirt options available on redbubble


#rats #ratties #fancyrats #trans #queer #lgbt #pride #digitalart #redbubble #stickers

when u like my toot it's like giving me one (1) pet in pokémon-amie :lucario: 💕

boosting is dropping one (1) poké puff into my mouth :lucario: 🍩

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