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Overtly religious teens in TX are weird y’all.

Hey… we made sexy baphomet jackets and it would mean a lot to our gay broke selves if you take a look lmao

My girlfriend made this amazing art of me magic-floofing my tail and I love it so much?? <3 <3 <3

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Also! Completed this piece for @sky ! They are super nice and I really enjoyed working on this!

The size difference between you and your Tiger Boyfriend is immense. His hugs nearly swallow you in warmth, and when he needs to lift you to a high place, his huge paws wrap around your sides as he lifts you like a large doll. Your personal space is his, you find you don't mind.

Gotta do more with this Skunkdroid. (They/she). I keep playing around with the idea of them being another fursona.

Spotify just played the FFXIV Sophia theme song. Nice.

~Keeping Warm~
Martin loves to enjoy his coffee outside when it's snowing, it helps him cherish Justin's warmth~

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I deserve a hot bath. Rt if you deserve a hot bath

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