I wanna go to bed but the pressure cooker isn’t done. Life is suffering.

I finally finished this scarf I've been knitting for 2 years after restarting it completely at least 5 times. Honestly the most complicated thing I have ever knit but I feel very accomplished having finally completed it, and I lwarned so much in the process!

it's furry porn! 

I need someone to bully me into cleaning and packing my kitchen.

NSFW Furry art / bulge / semi-exposed dick 

Work griping 


semi-lewd furry trashpost 

Phone calls are stressful when the companies you’re calling try to automate the whole process. Let me talk to someone and ask my questions and get done with what I need to do. Not fight AI Steve with voice commands to do what I need to do.

nsfw furry art 

hypno/not explicitly horny but maybe kinda horny 

- lewd 

Horny thoughts 

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