New arrivals: MechWarrior 2, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, and Forsaken.

Both my purchases showed up today: Sonic CD and Sonic R. I used to have these once upon a time. Now I have them again.

Tonight's code project: Fixed myself up a 320x180 canvas. For reasons.

Slightly revealing fursona art 


This was from earlier this week. Trying to break into doubles play. I really like the song "Papasito".

Food, sound design humor 

MVX 84 and IN1508 installed.

It's kinda weird having a PIP unit but the scaler gives me better results than their dedicated DVS units for some reason.

PSU and board work. Well, for an initial smoke test anyway.

When you've played enough Tony Hawk, you know a gap when you see one.

Selfie, question for the timeline 

I have had more fun with the Akai Fire controller than any other I have owned.

I uploaded the wrong low res image up there! Here, have the better one.

Pleska is right there waiting for her groanworthy pun to land.

Thanks to LuneCatta on Twitter for the awesome art~

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