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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. πŸ’œβœ¨

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Album art CW: one of the album covers ("Do You Feel Me?") has mild gore on it, a replacement cover is in the works.

Hi, shameless plug here, I write music:

"Electrum Malleus", a release from 2012, is a good place to start if you've never heard my stuff before:

And a single called "Rush" from 2018, influenced by gender positive experiences this year:

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I'll be at Furfest this year again (2018). Still got staff duties over at Artist Alley but beyond that I don't really keep a schedule. If you wanna get together and say hello, drop me a line! πŸ’œβœ¨

I want to get coordinating this stuff sooner than later.

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Hey, if you can read this, Show more

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>> 100 followers raffle <<

Thank you so much for following me πŸ’› Have a chance at some free art!!

Ends Nov 24th! Two winners will recieve sketchy colored chibis.

1) Follow
2) Boost this toot
3) Drop a reference in comments!

Ill be using random number generator for this. Gotta make some to boost & comment ref! Thank ye πŸ‘Œ

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the thing to remember about setting a nsfw/lewd/disturbing profile picture is that there's no way for me to filter it as an admin without blocking you from interacting with my server entirely

so maybe don't do that

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Tormod's car battery went bad. At least it's not super cold out yet.

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We're gonna ramble so much, probably 🦊✨

Reposting from our Twitter:

Insert Credit(s), Round 62 - One-Upped - starting in a couple minutes! MrBond, Tormod Wolf, and Saxxon Fox do a postmortem of the Extra Life 2018 marathon.

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