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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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Kinda wild to think there's a company with a natural monopoly on zippers

When you get good at the safety dance, you can really start to throw down some numbers as a resto druid. Not my first 99 parse, but the one I am most proud of.

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Today's vibe.

There's a certain charm in that particular 80s sound where synthesizers aren't quite tuned exactly the same among one another

Today, I wrote about my experiences using CF cards for MS-DOS and old Windows computers. I'll be adding benchmarks and other CF cards as I get them.

The retro news nobody is talking about: the SC-55 sample ROMs were dumped, decompressed and descrambled. Someone also extracted and repacked the samples into a Soundfont(!)

VOGONS post:
Soundfont repo:

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I think it'd be pretty cool to take Asiekierka's Reconstruction of ZZT and fix the editor. I'd have to brush off my decades old Pascal knowledge though. It has legit been since 2000.


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getting a covid test and HGTV is on their TV, so. reminder that "houseflipping" is gentrification, and "houseflippers" are parasites

Still haven't found a free streaming hex editor I liked. So I'm just gonna.. make my own. I already wrote code that treats the current work space as "stream fragments" which will allow editing even if the file's 100GB+. It's less complex than I thought to make a hex editor and honestly I have no idea why I haven't already done it besides it never seemed convenient at the time. But I'm having to deal with a lot of large disk images and kinda need the ability to not preload to memory.

More stuff. Shown here: the ability to run and track multiple simultaneous tasks, and the updated design of the UI (it uses whatever .NET calls system colors for now)

There is also vertical scrolling implemented in the current code, but none of the tabs has enough on it to make it appear. When that happens, I will get a screenshot.


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Also! These are 100% direct from arcade conversions- music and (sometimes crappy) sync and everything. Nothing takes me back like MP3 compression artifacts

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