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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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The Heroes On Time soundtrack is *supposed* to sound like MIDI, but these patches are really shredding my shit, it's going to be hard to resist going too far

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The SD-80 really is a cool piece of gear as far as external MIDI modules go

(also I can't quantify just how much fun I have writing for harpsichord)

This was a lunch break ad hoc composition, really hope I can be inspired to do more of these

Went to go look up information on what the heck an OPTi 933 is and found this gem on the cover page of a manual

NEW STREAM coming through: I'm going to be playing the Ex-Zodiac demo tonight, a game that looks to fuse the gameplay styles of games like Space Harrier and Star Fox. Starts in an hour.

My previous idea was to use more chiptune like things, which is a bit closer to my comfort zone. It's not bad! I'm not certain I am capable of combining the two ideas and make it sound cohesive. Here's a theme I wrote for it.

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Final big batch of Pride YCHs, belonging to (L to R) harasanzo, Lory x 2, cotta, Kitty Spibey-Munn and karamelopop! ❤
❤ Feel free to comment below, I love to hear from you! ❤

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I thought "hey wouldn't it be kinda cool to do all of HoT's music using MIDI modules from the 90s" and discovered FL Studio's channel delay actually creates the proper MIDI Note On event for the effect

Recorded from a Yamaha MU-80

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there's not enough ways to tell people that their software project is good these days IMO. we've optimized for the most efficient ways possible to tell people when their stuff has a bug and kinda just left everything else aside

github stars don't count, they're so meaningless compared to a written message telling someone what you like about it and why

Tonight will be a BPM: Bullets Per Minute stream night. Going to get some more Odr runs in. Maybe other characters if chat asks for 'em.

video, music, repetitive patterns 

it's time again for bootleg tracker tunes
dj fx - attack the music

I received my ArGUS boards this week. Next task is to actually populate them. That's going to be a challenge for me, but I think between Nova and me, we can get these built.

I'm really happy that y'all are enjoying the short music sketches I've been posting! I'm going to do that more often from here on out.

"i'm just gonna do maybe 15 minutes of sound design," i said

"just gotta get this melody down rq," i said

2 hours later

I did manage to export a MIDI file and multitrack audio so it's not completely lost, but it will be cumbersome to reconstruct it.

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I dug out FL Studio 4 from all the way back in 2004 and did something fun on the retro PC. I don't have a regkey for it so I can't actually save it.. so here's the only time it will ever be witnessed rendering out.

This little demo features two synths that can't reasonably be used in FL Studio anymore: WASP and TS404. Which really sucks because I think they're a lot of fun, even if they're basic.

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