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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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I love stepping out to listen to rain and thunder. In days past I used to just sit outside in it if it was light enough.

A General MIDI rendition of Hotel California is playing in this Vietnamese restaurant

Those guitars 🔥

"So, if you have 100MB of disk space handy (we sure don't) and wish to play
CyClones at its absolute optimum performance, all the data can be copied
from the CD to any directory on your hard drive."

Thanks, Raven! Won't be long till we get larger drives.

I think about times like that because they were little personal discoveries about the value of serenity.

I remembered a time when I sat in my swim trunks on the beach of a lake, away from the swim area, when after a few minutes some very small fish decided to nip at my toe hairs.

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Pavlov: the dogs salivate when I ring a bell

Me: weird. Why?

Pavlov: they connect two unrelated events due to repeated conditioning

Me: haha stupid animals

Pavlov: the experiment took 69 days

Me: nice

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By the way: there's a lot of repeated songs with different arrangements on the CyClones OST, so don't be shocked if a few of them sound similar.

The sizes barely overlap, and it's smaller than my old one, so that's one incentive to stay in shape. Plus, it's way more interesting to me than a plain leather belt.

Minor peeve (gaming) 

Seeing "Unboxed", a demo written in *2018*, working with only a few visual glitches... was kind of amazing. There's some slowdown in the intro and credits, but those are going to be easier to solve.

I got a legit natural high when solving the emulator bugs over the weekend when I saw things start to work. Still riding that this morning.

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(+) mastodon meta/politics 

Got some better emulation, enough to be able to play Super Mario Bros 64, for real this time:

Not even the stores I would expect to sell colorful belts, did. You get black, you get white, and the rest are all shades of Quake or Call of Duty.

The only rainbow (or even colorful at all, that isn't all black or all white) belt, the last one ever, I have secured it

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