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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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Wardrobe is shifting decidedly toward more variety and I kinda dig that?

Here's a video of both "Scorpion King" S8 and S15:

I do not enjoy playing the S15 chart in the slightest for what it's worth.

Nevermind playing at a high level in Pump It Up, "Scorpion King" S8 is such a fun chart to bullshit around on in the arcade.

I sit down to work on the C64 emulator from time to time and feel a bit lost when it comes to even diagnosing some things.. step away, come back later, infinitely

Silly, intimate but not lewd 

Social anxiety 

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I’m LIVE with Zero Hour Productions for our monthly gaming news and design podcast with Tormod and MrBond! Come join us~!

Friday the 13th is only unlucky because I never seem to become a werewolf

Protip: Recruit foxes to do all your shoutouts. We love to shout and we're really good at screaming at things.

(I wasn't really sure whether to use 'confetti' or 'glitter' and it felt like every time I wrote one, the other sounded better)

Oh so when *you* do it, it's called a party, but when *I* do it, it's called a felony confetti incident

Throwback: the third Sanxion7 logo. Well, not necessarily a logo anymore. Sometime in 2010, I chose to represent things with hexagons and a specific typeface. It was also probably the peak time I tried to do anything significant with visual art.

Throwback: the second Sanxion7 logo, drawn up.. sometime shortly after? I don't recall exactly, but mid 2000s for sure. The aesthetic of "I thought this was cool when I was 16"

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Throwback: the first Sanxion7 logo, drawn up in 2004.

So! I'm going to need to get in touch with an artist or designer who can put together covers for each installment, and maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout. Alternatively, I could commission one artist for each cover, for variety. Decisions..

Once I get all those albums put together, I might even deprecate the existing Bandcamp catalog as it is (minus remix albums) and just put up the new ones there. Separating by year isn't really a great way to draw boundaries.

While my existing catalog is separated by year of release, I'm going to take a more creative approach and put music that sounds like it belongs together, together. I don't want to just go 1:1 with Bandcamp.

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