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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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Real talk though, my hair is discoloring way more rapidly and sooner than I considered, and I'm wondering if I can take advantage of this assuming it will be easier to color

I don't usually announce it but

Today's mood: super gay for Tormod (love you dear~)

Okay so, new plans for the year.
- At least one new single
- At least two remixes
- RhythmCodex released
- Don’t lose every spare minute of my life to WoW Classic

Stretch goals:
- At least learn enough Japanese to make sense of rhythm game menus and be able to read song titles
- Student and car loans paid off
- Regular DOS gaming stream started

Nextdoor finds in my own neighborhood: a string of dumping large objects on other peoples' lawns. Like this whole sink.

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Added PSF support to RhythmCodex. Not that it's related to rhythm gaming at all, but I think it'd be cool to be able to rip instruments from some games for...other uses.

And! The file format specification for PSF is really hard to find unless you know precisely what to query! I've mirrored the latest one I could locate, v1.4, here:

A retro graphics card showed up today and I got really excited, until I noticed that one of the components had been torn from the board, hanging by a single pin, with a heatsink just dangling there.

Yeah, that's gotta be a return from me

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Hope y'all are having a lovely morning. 🦊✨

Her sword is more ridiculous than Cloud's in Final Fantasy VII

Reposting on behalf of the radio show I’m on!

Insert Credit(s), Round 68 - Wait For It... - starting now!

The whole machine is for the taking. Which means I actually should bring in a flash drive. Also passed my first S15 tonight.

I just posted last week about not having the latest Pump

I go in and see this

Okay, who's spying on my timeline, who's pulling strings on my behalf

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We do a whole lot of things that have dubious benefit in an attempt to get over the things we don’t have complete control over, sometimes that pans out and sometimes it does not, such is life

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I'm going to receive the FireGL X1-256 tomorrow. It's the equivalent of a Radeon 9700, but it's also AGP Pro (which I've got a slot for.) With the exception that it's a workstation card, and has 256MB of memory instead of the typical 128MB. Hope it works..

It's often said (on Youtube and Vogons at least) that Radeon 9700s are prone to dying a whole lot because of the lack of good thermal contact between the cooler and dye. But is the FireGL equivalent, the X1, susceptible to the same issue? I can't find the answer to that.

There appears to be a difference in coolers between the FireGL X1-128 and FireGL X1-256 (which in addition to being larger occupies the neighboring slot), and I'm curious if the problem was addressed when the cooler was updated

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