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Pin: Follow requests are absolutely okay! Just be mindful that I post a lot of NSFW comissions and mental health musings behind the lock. If that's your bag, plus me. 💜✨

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Don't have all that much to say besides I hope you all have a lovely new year's. 2021 has been a mix of vaguely good and lost cause. But I'm optimistic about the coming year.

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now every time someone tells me that unlike linux, windows is a stable, smooth and user-friendly os that Just Works, i can tell them that on the night of 1/1/2022 windows 10 told me to insert a disc into a usb stick

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Being bi means you're gay for multiple genders and the total gay is multiplicative

Sorry, don't make the rules but it IS awesome

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Let's go. 🔨

Today's report catch up day. A lot of reports on accounts external to YL can't really be acted upon by us, but internal ones can.

Thanks for all your reports! That's what brings things to our attention most effectively. meta 

Finally moved in to a capacity that I can start chewing through the queue again. Reports are addressed as they come in but I haven't approved new accounts for a week. I just approved all appropriate accounts (and rejected over 75% of them, we get lots of spam or blank messages!)

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WoW addon stuff 

I found what the issue was for WitchHunt-Classic in TBC and have fixed it. It's in the approval process at Curse right now, but the release is available at GitHub right now. meta 

And queue clean. Thanks for your reports, everyone. We're gonna stay on top of this.

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Tending to some more reports today. Imagine the busiest few days of my life since the panorama are the ones we get the most reports.

So it goes. We're still responsible for the users here and time doesn't stop just 'cause I got busy. Thanks for the patience, we love you~

Reports are handled privately with the reported users and with other instance moderators. Most of the time, the reported account shapes up immediately. Rest of the time, they get yeeted. But ya get a chance.

In memory format is generally different than on disk format due to time/space tradeoffs but with the music code for example I can just compress and decompress the patterns as-is and get the tradeoff I want without even thinking about how the data structures will be stored

I can probably even store the compressed files backwards and decompress them top-down for in-place decompression for even better memory savings (this isn't my original idea, I saw Exomizer do it..I think?)

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This accomplishes a few other things:
- minimal seeking on disk (three seeks for initial load + one seek per file loaded after)
- minimal code needed to compare file names (few loops and compares)
- rely on compression to go right from disk->mem w/o data transformation

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Got the new archive format for the DOS game project + some rudimentary LZ compression. I designed it this way to accomplish two things: forward-only writing using my tools and forward-only reading from within the game. The names list and directory are cached in memory.


It's been 15 years since I bought a new shirt

Someone told me "cool hat!" today and I was wearing my fox hat at the time. Without thinking about it I responded "thanks you too!"

It was at a McDonald's drive thru

What will make this challenging is we have so many really good healers on the raid team that they're leaving me with less to do as we get smoother at completing the encounters.

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Stats updated last night, I am now the highest ilvl druid on Windseeker. 🎺

Not that the best gear is indicated by the highest ilvl, but I have been dedicated to finishing my gear list. I'm #9 on the healer all-stars for the server, got a couple other druids to beat.

I will probably update it to be OPL2+OPL3 but I need to figure out how that's going to work first.

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