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We're about to hit the mark of $100/month! I’m super thankful for the support I’ve been getting over all these years!

Thank you Cohasset, Hg, Jeb and Daniel (also welcome to the horde 🎉)

With only $1 you already have access to:
: Full Resolution art
: Multiple version, in case the drawing has it
: Early access of my webcomic, 7Deadly!
And with $20+ you get monthly art reward!

You don’t need to be intimidated (I’m just a nervous dragon), any kind of support is appreciated!

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Heyo! I'm not so good with , but let's try it!

I'm Ryuuki, a try-to-be friendly impy dragon, but sometimes rather social awkward.
I'm genderfluid, and I prefer to go by They/Them pronouns.

I'm a brazilian furry, digital and webcomic artist!
🔥 You can read my webcomic on tapastic and Webtoon, searching for 7Deadly!

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It's my birthday!! And yall should check what my bf, Mike drew for ME !!! Because it's too perfect and I'm in tears

Link to the original piece on dA:

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:sparkles_nb: genderfluid kinda enby be:
Sometimes fenby other times enboy

NSFW art, light bondage, showing off 

NSFW art, comic 

Hey, I'm really serious about it!

I'm looking for someone who can get me a Nintendo Switch; I'm up to work on comic commission or you can have me to draw for you weekly for a month or so!

I'm dying to have one but if I try to get it I'll be broken for a month ;w;

Interested, but have a better idea for a deal talk with me! I'm really open!!

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Bday art raffle on my birdsite ; link 🐉🎂🎉 

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