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2021 commissions and info 

New options and rates for the new year! If interested, please fill out the form and I'll contact you with further details:
Trello board for more info and current queue:
Or email me any questions at [email protected]

Other places to find me online:
CuriousCat (questions and sketch prompts welcome):

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server intro/pinned toot 

Hey all, new here. I'm Roxie (she/her), spider 'sona, and illustrator who's still fairly new to the furry/NSFW scene.
I'm trans, demi/pan. Big into Halloween/spooky aesthetics, baking, films and horror specifically, zoos and lately FFXIV.
Some art below and in thread.

Some other places to find me:
CuriousCat (for sketch prompts):

Streaming now over at
Form to grab a sketch in chat, or just come chill out. :D

Streaming over at with Roxie Vtuber one point oh.
Form to grab a sketch comm in the previous toot or in the chat.

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personally, I'm tired of this heat wave. I think we should have a treat wave instead.

getting started in a couple minutes over at
form to grab a slot in chat

About to get started streaming over at
$25 sketch slots, form to grab one in chat

streaming now at
form to grab a sketch slot in previous toot or in chat

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I want to draw: a goat. but I lack any further inspiration beyond that. so let's play an old game: gimme some adjectives and descriptors I can combine.

streaming now at, form to grab a sketch in the previous tweet or in chat

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Getting started in a minute over at
$25 sketch comms, info and form in the chat

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cohost is going to be an interesting expiriment in like, whether or not a project like that Can Be Done

no venture capital, no weird ads, just 3 queer people trying to support themselves off of the support of the users and run the site

like, genuinely curious if they can hold up the site or if ti's simply not doable without capitalist hell, and if people will give them the time of day without a huge dev team, if they can keep the site running, etc etc.

trying out Cohost, it's a little wonky today with all the traffic but hoping this one catches on

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