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My account is only locked for vetting purposes. Feel free to send a follow request!!

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ko-fi link 

Updated my ko-fi link!
If you ever wanna donate a little instead of commisioning me, that's always an option :3

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Hello, I'm Havneby!
I'm a furry artist who enjoys drawing both SFW and NSFW things. This is a bit of a mix between a personal account and an art account.
Feel free to DM me if you ever wonder about something ^^

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Just had someone follow req who was clearly not over 18... Ya gotta be over 18 to follow me!!!

Was really nice out yesterday evening.

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NSFW art 

oh hey it's the adventure lady again

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nudity, erection, fluids 

And a follow up to the follow up where the grooming lead to a little more excitement :blobfoxsmug:

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nsfw, furry porn! an illustration of an anthropomorphic creature with their dick out 

I posted an 8-page guide to this critter species I’m drawing all the time on Patreon and with it introduced this subspecies I have been thinking about for a while…

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Have to brush up on React and modern JS. I wasn't too great at it before

I need to actually REST my foot so I can start doing stuff again. Been hurting for the whole week... I just wanna go blading and play VR!!!!!!

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I love Jake so much. He's so sweet and kind to me

Ble ferdig med hovedrapporten i går. Eneste vi mangler er en presentasjon av prosjektet, og så vil jeg ha fullført bachelorstudiet mitt :D

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sfw, guns 

completed commission for Somefellawithat (twitter) -came out well! and quite pretty <3

Poor little Beana
She wishes it was dark
But it's never really dark in Norway

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nsfw furry porn!! masturbating monster. 

Art for YeenBitez! Character belongs to DeCyphxr

It's probably pretty hard to get off with big claws, but they're more than managing. You can tell they've done this a lot.

Gotta be honest, I still think the Rift S controllers are way better than the quest 2 ones. At least ergonomically

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[NSFW] nudity, spread legs, ec 

Amy deserves more love

#FurryArt #PinUp

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Using "hey guys" for a group: No. Non-inclusive
Using "hey everypony" for a group: Yes. Very inclusive

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