v lewd 

@Kuschelpony aaaah that's fun!!! that sounds like a worthwhile commission and it would be fun for someone to make :3 :yeenlook_left:

@Mandrake @krissypaw yeah I didn't remember the details of the series but that's what I was getting at lol

oh yeah the discord link to our game's discord is turned off now

instead there's a page on our site that will get people there, if anyone's interested


mh i guess 

@krissypaw oh my god I think that avatar they have is from a really dated edgy flash game (game? animation? can't totally remember)

@Lar thanks!!! we're not sure atm, we're thinking of possibly releasing little snippets of the game on patreon eventually. but yeah we dunno yet

there's a youtube trailer on the site plus a link to the steam page which has more info on it too

*CW for nudity and (pixel art) gore*

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just started a discord for my game I'm making, Nice Spice

18+ only, game has furry fetish stuff


and if you wanna know what the game is here's the site for it:



sui --- 

my finger and thumb are getting so tender from slap bass xP

neurodivergence post on twitter that annoys me 

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neurodivergence post on twitter that annoys me 

neurodivergence now 

neurodivergence now 

physical~, kink? (and now bdsm kink) 

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