nsfw, apparently "hot take", kinkshaming 

WHY has it gotten so popular to kinkshame certain things in furry spaces, spaces which are supposed to be accepting?? people can like feral porn, or incest porn, or whatever, and it doesn't mean they are immoral. people can find something hot and not do it for real. are people into bdsm kidnapping real people and abusing them etc if they like those fantasies? of course not. & besides, there are far far worse things going on the fandom to focus on and stop

nsfw, apparently "hot take", kinkshaming 

and what's with people bringing up "pro-shippers" with disdain all the time, like what. why. ugh.

I remember a (good) funny post I think of sometimes that pointed out so many social media profiles read like "I hate nazis, bigots, rapists, and people who like apples"


nsfw, apparently "hot take", kinkshaming 

if people are so moral and against irl harm then why are they so quick to kinkshame??? why don't they stop to consider that having kinks for problematic things is often the result of trauma, or even if it's not who cares cause people don't control their kinks and why should some people be made to feel terrible about it? and if you really believe these kinks are evil then why pick on the same ones? why not bdsm then? why only ones that people dogpile on?

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