politics, maybe doesn't make sense 

I can't speak for groups I'm not a part of but I feel like as a queer person and as someone disabled from working, being positioned as if:

.......bigots are making the jokes about us and we're supposed to be anti-humour like "no, take us seriously please".......

isn't a favourable position to be in

I think that type of "don't laugh" attitude might work better in intimate settings but as a tactic to bring people onto our side, I dunno about that

politics, maybe doesn't make sense 

I think finding something/someone humourous doesn't need to include feeling superior to them. when people are unfamiliar with things that makes it funnier to us at first. I think people can find stuff funny but also fascinating or desirable or whatever, it doesn't necessarily mean they are being insulting. I think if someone is starting from a place of ignorance then it's not good if the narrative is "if you dare laugh, then you must be on the conservative side"


politics, maybe doesn't make sense 

I also recognize that it's not that we don't have humour, but a large part of that there's a big rightwing narrative that what we say is scary anger and that their angry rants going "SJW's are so stupid!!!!" is "humour" somehow

I dunno I guess I'm just frustrated it feels like some leftists buy into that narrative and they play the no-humour role cause they might feel like that makes them more left? I dunno

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