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Hi, fursona introduction!

My main fursonas are Aki the Lynx (she/her) and Augie the Kid (they/them)! I love them very much.

I also commonly draw the fursonas I designed for my pals :) (will link more art in a reply)

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Okay so I know my brain has been stuck on baseball lately but also: what if you played basketball with the sun?

I have spent almost the entirety of today working on my dark fantasy baseball story.

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SURELY someone else has thought to do this, but I've yet to find anyone attempting similar! Maybe it's my search terms? I can't imagine I'm the first.

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I am exploring Inkarnate, the online map-making website I used to create this, and I'm absolutely surprised to not find a single other baseball-based map.

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Just spent five hours making a fantasy map of baseball.

Every year, Lambda administers a number of cash awards for LGBTQ+ authors in varying stages of their careers. In 2022, we are delighted to offer five of these prizes, including the new J. Michael Samuel Prize for Emerging Writers Over 50. Applications are open through February 15th, 2022.

ill add each in the thread

The Randall Kenan Prize for Black LGBTQ Fiction, in memory of the celebrated author Randall Kenan, honors Black LGBTQ writers of fiction.

In 2022, one winner will receive a cash prize of $3,000.

The award will go to a Black LGBTQ writer whose fiction explores themes of Black LGBTQ life, culture, and/or history. To be eligible, the winner of the prize must have published at least one book and show promise in continuing to produce groundbreaking work.


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The Judith A. Markowitz Award honors two LGBTQ-identified, emerging writers whose work demonstrates their strong potential for promising careers.

Each award comes with a cash prize of $1,000.

By emerging writer, we mean those who have published at least one, but no more than two, books of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry.


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Nonfiction honors lesbian/queer-identified women and trans/gender non-conforming nonfiction authors who are committed to nonfiction work that captures the depth and complexity of lesbian/queer life, culture, and/or history.

The award includes a cash prize of $2,500.

The winner must have published at least one book and show promise in continuing to produce groundbreaking and challenging work.


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The J. Michael Samuel Prize honors emerging LGBTQ writers over the age of 50. The prize will go to an unpublished LGBTQ writer over 50 working in any genre.

The award includes a cash prize of $5,000.

This award is made possible by writer and philanthropist Chuck Forester, who created it out of the firmly held belief that “Writers who start late are just as good as other writers, it just took the buggers more time.”


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got an opinion? why not make a zootopia themed comic about it

Hey, minor spoilers for inscryption, but uhh. When the game says it wants access to your harddrive, it does, and it will show your files on screen, so be very careful not to show your livestream audience that you have a small collection of furry dating sims, okay?

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Queer BIPOC interested in voice acting, there's an indie project looking for Black, Afro-Latinx, and NB Latinx voices. Paid gig. No previous experience necessary. USB/ XLR mic required for major roles, extras can get away with headsets or phones

[Thinking about The Batting Cage, a fictional baseball stadium made to look like a giant ribcage] bleachers...bleached bones....bleached bone bleachers.....

I'd love some sort of action/adventure comic that's like, demon/monster/fantasy-horror but also entirely based on baseball.

I'm just imagining the main character needing to visit the Batting Cage, which is like...a giant imposing ribcage-building. Inside, stands are built into each rib so everyone can look down into the hollow middle, the Heart of baseball...

Stayed up until 5 am last night thinking about dark fantasy baseball.

yeah i'm a tankie *blasts thomas the tank engine theme*

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