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Hi, fursona introduction!

My main fursona is Aki the Lynx (she/her), but I also have Augie the Kid (sie/hir, they/them or he/him)! I love my fursonas very much.

I also commonly draw fursonas I designed for my found family, Jay the Butterfly and Jewel the Chameleon!

At least the writing project drafts were all on Goigke Drive, but the only computer I can borrow is my significant other's and their keyboard is missing the S key... that's a pretty important letter. 😢

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Of course my laptop waits until I have 3 simultaneous computer-necessitating projects I'm working in to die. 😭

I want to record music, and write, and draw my comic!!! And now they have all be ripped away from me.

I've been learning about voice actors lately and Murase Ayumu (seiyuu of Hinata Shouyo from Haikyuu!!, among other roles) is a man with a very high pitched voice.

Whenever I feel like I can't pass as masc I think of him now...he gives me strength...

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Me, having voice dysphoria: :(

Murase Ayumu:

Me: :)

labels exist to vaguely communicate how you feel about your gender and sexuality -- not to put people into increasingly niche boxes

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In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

Looking up art references like
"child playing with dolls"
"child playing with 2 toys"
"child dual-wielding toys"

Only realized I was hyperfixating after I went to watch this video for the 17th time in a row. 😳

*chuckles nonbinarily* oh, you mean the chaos genders?

what is the intended use of this wavy symmetry line in photoshop, exactly

It's the last day of Pride Month, so here's a reminder that if you think you'd be happier as another gender but worry you'll never have enough "proof you're trans", then you're trans.

Truth is, there's no such thing as "enough proof" - it's just about trusting your feelings. <3

Moneybegging for Grocery Money :boost_ok:​ Boosts requested! 

sometimes kindness gets confused with submission.

am i acting in kindness to myself and others? or am i trying to hold onto a fragile peace out of fear?

I am haunted by this be fair, I am haunted by having any knowledge of Love Stage....I do not want to know things about Love Stage...

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Me: [remembers how the main character in "Love Stage!!" plays a DID character when he starts his actor career] AAAAAAAUUGGHHH!!!!

I was Today years old when I learned Kesha is openly bisexual and officiates same sex weddings.

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