Instead of 5 days of work and 2 days of rest being the norm, we have enough humans and job opportunities to change it to 3.5 days of work and 3.5 days of rest.

This would give time for everyone to explore their hobbies, encourage diversity and the sharing of experiences, and help leverage costs and price of all that is human produced.

One can dream.

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@PurrPurin 💙💙💙 have you ever read... Kropotkin? 🤔

@cryptograbear Hearing about it for the first time. I'll look into it, thank you

@PurrPurin Conquest of Bread (by Kropotkin) talks about the math involved in how much labor is needed to provide everything to sustain any community, and it arrives at the figure of four hours of work a day, five days a week. It’s an anarchist standard, and the origin of the “FOUR HOUR DAY” slogan.

It was written in 1892 and is kinda dry, you can probably find a good synopsis and save yourself some time. 😂

@cryptograbear Thanks for the rundown! It was written such a long time ago, I imagine the figures might have changed? I wonder if anyone picked up on it, studied and researched, and updated it. Hmm~

@PurrPurin Yeah, there’s been a lot of subsequent research. But his work exists best as a rallying cry— it lays out demonstrably that things *can be better than they are.*

@PurrPurin There are some problems with it— he was a cis straight white dude in the 19th century, so of course his language reflects all of that in ways that aren’t appropriate today.

He also foresaw advances in technology that would yield greater production but didn’t take into consideration climate change, depletion of resources or overpopulation.

@PurrPurin I’ll be the first to admit my understanding of anarchist theory isn’t too comprehensive, but I like where Kropotkin went with what I see as a continuation of Marxist critique of capitalism.

I also just realized I’m very high and talking way too much about this!

I apologize.

@PurrPurin The gist of Kropotkin’s bread book is that if the work necessary for everyone’s basic needs was shouldered equally across every member in the community, then everyone would naturally spend their free time creating art and being kind and making the world a more beautiful place.

So all I MEANT to say is that your original toot would be a great back-jacket synopsis of Conquest of Bread, and thank you so much for writing it!!

@cryptograbear Thanks for all the details. Funny how this was explored extensively. Of course I'm interested, but my worry is investing time and effort in it, just to reach the point where I say "Well, I can't do anything about this", because I feel change has to come from the top. Not to say that I wouldn't support a revolution, because if it was available and palpable, heck yes I would! But my personal situation doesn't give me leeway to move masses.

@PurrPurin That's a common problem for anarchists— why bother working when it seems like the revolution may never happen in our lifetimes, or even ever happen at all?

And of course there are plenty of anarchists who give up— organizin g is exhausting, and disheartening.

But for myself (and most anarchists I know) it's a matter of compulsion. I can't be happy if I'm not doing *something* to help mitigate the problems of hierarchy and capitalism.

Personally I organize with the IWW. We're a non-hierarchical radical union and we've been working for 114 years to liberate workers everywhere. Our meetings are exercises in direct democracy, which is how an anarchist community functions. We hope to build a new world and new infrastructures that can be there and ready if/when we succeed in dismantling capitalism and hierarchy.

And if that never happens? At least we're doing *some* good in the here and now!

@cryptograbear That's awesome! My case in particular is that I live in Japan, so I don't know to what extent my impact or repsentatjon would be, and also if it would affect my stay here if I enrolled in such activities. Unfortunately, I'd have to choose my safety over being sent back to my home country, where I'd meet my certain demise

@Verdigris The source is my brain. Shower thoughts during monotonous weeks, watching my able friends being discarded, while I "appreciate" an arduous life with what I deem to be not enough free time. A biased opinion, maybe an idea, but the thought of having more people employed, and proving that many are capable of performing their jobs, having access to essential items like food, bed, and hygiene, and having free time that is open to anything the person wants to do.

Parenting. Don't forget parenting. And cleaning.

3.5 days is pretty good! I love the idea of spending only half a week working 😁

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