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πŸ’œπŸ’œRIAL. IS. HERE!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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A brazilian on her 30s expat living in Japan, speaks three languages, nb trans and pansexual, left-handed INFJ-T, kemono (furry), introvert, humble, no higher ed, aspiring artist, above average skilled gamer, speedrunner, home cook, foodie, existentialist, casual philosopher, lofi vibes and nature lover, that doesn't have a TV at home, and cries frequently. Yes, that's me and I'm pretty unique. Call me Rial. Please be nice to me. Mwah~πŸ’œ

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me in four words: simple but overwhelmingly strong

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The "must be following" part of my raffle tweet got some confused.

Which makes me a sad cat
I didn't want to make people feel excluded!
😭😭😭 y'all are welcome to join

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Y'all furries need to get in this art raffle from me

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Any discord servers full of mushroom emotes? This witch needs some witchery expressive stuff to communicate

I'm really sorry πŸ’¦ if you change your avie/pfp here, I'll most likely forget who you are :dead:


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The Smash Bros eSports scene is dead πŸ¦€

Eye mask is good, I found. it keeps me asleep until it's time to wake up

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Some people still come in with the ping emote reaction messaging when they get notifications in a discord instance, thinking they're funny

It's sad and disgusting seeing notable art, game, and content creation folks, having had a history of problematic behavior

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