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me in four words: simple but overwhelmingly strong

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Meet Rial, my new fursona~! ✨
Any pronouns!

More info:
🎨 art by @masc0t361 @birdsite

After the announcement of Pixel 4, I've looked at the new functions of face unlock and gesture control, but I can't say I grew interested in it.

I then decided to get something better according to my phone habits, and settled on the ONEPLUS 7 PRO. Kind of scary ordering it from Amazon, as OnePlus doesn't sell any of their products here in Japan. Hopefully I have no problems with it.

If anyone has it, and want to leave a comment with any useful info or tips, feel free to do so!

Rial pushing through trees in the forest of tears.

🎨 Made this for more one point perspective practice. Made with reused paper and ballpoint pen.

Toot machine is out of ink πŸ–¨οΈ

Food, Meat 

All is well. I'll now wear bra everyday at work. I don't think many noticed. Might take them some time, just like when I dyed my hair purple for the first time. It took them about two weeks to notice it.

Wearing a bra today at work for the first time in my life. I'm a little scared. A little uncertain. Wish me luck.

Regardless of the circumstances, time, place, or body I inhabit, I'll have the same heart. If an enemy stands before me, I'll cut them down. If someone is in danger, I'll keep them safe. These are the things most important to me. As long as I can keep doing that, nothing else matters.

Found this interesting blog about how our jurassic instinct affects our immediate thinking during the arise of conflict. It is focused on queer communities, but it could be applied to many others.


Computer keyboard talk: After 7 years of using Cherry Blues, today my Low Profile Cherry Red arrives and I'm pretty excited to see how much I like it~

Remnant: From the Ashes is the promise of Dark Souls with firearms. Sounds exciting! - I thought.

But when it comes to execution of the gameplay, you get: bad enemy placement, poor level design, restricting mechanics, boring menuing, random enemy spawning in previously cleared terrain, boring pick-ups, and limited voice lines for the main character.

It then becomes a boring and unfun "move to point A to point B". Ended up refunding it :c

I'm so excited for The Last of Us 2! Ellie is my favorite woman character in video-games - so strong, and real~ πŸ’œ

Life, Capitalism, Sui, Don't Open (very γƒΌ) 

I'd rather have removable batteries for my smartphone than it being waterproof.

I miss seeing some folks that used to be here at a while ago - I hope they are doing okay <3

HRT, Food mention 

Anthro fox relaxing in a calm patio. She is quite pleased with the weather! πŸ¦ŠπŸŒ±πŸ„πŸŒ₯️

🎨 I drew this as part of my studies of one point perspective. Made with reused paper and ballpoint pen.

Here's a YouTube channel that I really like. It revolves around felines that are rescued, treated, neutered, and sent to safe and happy homes to live. In the following video, they show some of their deeds, and how the cats are doing today. Thanks to this channel and its growing popularity, they are able to acquire funds to continue helping these poor souls. Bless this soul πŸ’œ


There's this neat little *game* called "Kind Words". It connects you to people via letters.

You can request one, or you can write replies. You can also write nice things and make them a paper plane that'll fly over other people's screens. It's all presented in chill/lofi vibes, and I love that!

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