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I need to start posting my art up at a decent hour. I'm only hurting myself at this rate, I think.

NSFW Furry Artwork; Lezbeans 

Suddenly hating this art piece I'm working on half way through. I guess I need to stick to quick pieces. Feels bad, man.

Turning in early tonight because I have physical therapy tomorrow. RIP

Linkin Park just came on my Spotify. I have shed nearly 20 years of my life.

Urge to draw: Strong.

Ideas of what to draw: None.

Chronic Pain 

SFW Furry Artwork 

@serioussalad How have you been bb? I've been looking for you on discord for a few days to catch up with you and haven't seen you on ;o;

I would be much more confident as an artist if my style could just... stay consistent.

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