I finally opened up for commissions, though! If you're interested, the information can be found on my carrd and you can DM me to ask about open slots.


Sorry I king of died on here for awhile. I got distracted trying to advertise myself elsewhere and neglected this site since I don't do much interacting on it. I'm not too good at integrating into communities, I've found.

NSFW Artwork; Non-furry 

Giving up my last FA account was a mistake. Sure I had some uncomfortable experiences, but losing the rest of my following was a hard blow I didn't realize I was taking until I tried to start over.

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Like, working on the art is hard enough by itself, but then you have to get people to NOTICE IT.

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Trying to be a successful artist is hard, how do people do this.

Agreed to draw humans; do not feel like drawing humans.


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