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Currently censoring these other two drawings so I can have something to show yall rn

As all ways you can see the evil tiddy versions if you support me at patreon.com/Tsampikos

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Gold fruit Core People are like one of my favorite races in DBZ so I made one.
Her name is Alo

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lmao they deleted it but I'm not letting them pretend it didn't happen, fuck the economist

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White supremacists committed the largest # of extremist killings in 2017.

What the President is saying here: โ€œif you engage in violent acts of white supremacy, I will look the other way.โ€

Understand that this is deliberate. This is why we canโ€™t afford to sit on the sidelines. twitter.com/splcenter/status/1

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oops, I should tell you these are three different personalities of same person xD
silly me

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Check it out!! @ Itยดs @[email protected]ยดs Kibbles - Sweet Surrender! - Skidd, drew my Tyla in Exchange! Special delivery on my good manยดs birthday a few days ago.

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