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Haven't drawn this babe in a while, thinking of making her a goddess in Stareye and Anzy's world, goddess of sexual fantasies or something

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heres two gift for two friends of mine on discord of their babies Horus and Koray <33( i really love their designe )

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Capitalism—FUNDAMENTALLY—is an economic system reliant on amoral exploitation of infinite natural-resources to obtain the necessity of perpetual & exponential growth.

☝🏽Uncontested in scholarship, INHERENTLY unsustainable/corrupt, & THE economy that ALL Dems—but Bernie—advocate.

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So many years now. I haven't draw my skeleton oc now. But! Her new forms flames lava still in sketch... It's will be finish tomorrow

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(we'd be happy to talk all about her if you ask! and also, _please_ go check out our friend's page. they're criminally underappreciated, and draw absolutely astoundingly amazing art.)

hey, so we've been basically unable to stop thinking about this idea since we found out about it on tumblr (looking for pictures of Fray). our amazing friend jacalcyon.tumblr.com/ drew up a Primal version of our Warrior of Light, Holly Berry:

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heyyy, so. we got something a liiiittle different from @[email protected] 's usual fare. But we think it's pretty damn good, eh?

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Also can’t emphasize enough that India just indicated that it is abandoning it’s No First Use nuclear weapons doctrine. Very serious change happening there in a place that for decades has been the most at risk of nuclear war: bloom.bg/31Iq86I

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how do I even explain to someone "Yeah I thought transitioning meant I should be really fem too and then I learned about a concept called being gender hazardous."

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My boss was gone one day so I put his dog’s bed in my office so he wasn’t lonely and now every morning this happens

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heyyy, so. we got something a liiiittle different from @[email protected] 's usual fare. But we think it's pretty damn good, eh?

people who're into macro/micro, at what point do you think that it swaps from just size difference and into macro/micro?

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