Are you disabled and in need of accomodations but not sure what to ask for? This site has a list of accomodations that are effective, reasonable to ask for, and legally required if requested (US specific)

They have ethol danlos syndrome which is, absurd since Nobody knows about that thing lol

anyways, this is what I used when I requested them change my lights and communication methods. im preparing to ask for a new chair and maybe flex time

It also makes things easier because you can just, include the link during the conversation as it also describes the disabilities, why they are disabling, and what aspects of a position are impeded. The site itself is written for employers so advocates for you

@NumberOneBug I kind of get the impression that it's getting diagnosed more and recognized properly by doctors? I've got two cousins and a friend with it and am regularly surprised to find that people I talk to know what it is.

@NumberOneBug *searches for something i have* "walls/doors/roof for cubicle" wait isnt this a thing that everyone would want..?

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