lovesick kobold, new to the big city and missing the warmth of his dragon

im punching up the quality before posting to twitter / my shop and,,

hmm im thinking of drawing a city skyline outside the window,, do y'all think that'd crowd the painting or would it be a nice detail,,, hmm,,

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@NumberOneBug awhhh, poor kobol, you'll figure things out yet~ (this looks amazing btw!!)

@IsabelleHellraiser aw!!! tyty!!! there's,, a lot I don't like about it haha, but it's still pretty good :3

@NumberOneBug Oh I definitely feel that, u should be proud tho! This looks great~

@NumberOneBug can I buy a print or like, pay you five bucks so I can print it and put it up

@synthgal fjewiopfneawpfnaop im,, that means the world to hear,

and yeah! I'll toss it onto a print making site and send you the link when its up ^w^

@NumberOneBug I don’t know what the context of this is, but this is really cool art. I like the style you’re going for here.

@shadow8t4 oh! the context is that I moved to the north from the south and am very cold and very grateful for my radiator lol

and thank you!!! that means a lot!!!

@NumberOneBug oh that’s totally understandable lmao.
Sure thing! It looks great!

@NumberOneBug hmm maybe a really subtle one? the composition is nice and balanced as it is. on the other hand it might drive in that "isolated in a sea of people" vibe that urban alienation is all about

@AndiBumble ooo good point, I do like the idea of isolation. yeah I'll make one that blends into the night well, the line art being colored close to the night sky and all, a few windows piercingly saturated to hammer home that other people are alive and out of reach

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