watching as Christans throw a collective tantrum over the indignity of maybe having to do Christmas differently this year has me really proud to be a Jew.

Muslims and Jews did such a stellar job of placing people above tradition like adults and im just proud of us.

Jews had to cancel one of our more beautiful and important holidays. not change just straight up cancel lol. we went "eh couldn't be done safely, and safety is what matters the most"

meanwhile most christians are over there like "eating Christmas dinner over zoom??? fascism!!!! it's my right to endanger thousands so that I don't have to be inconvenienced at all"

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idk I've just got a chip on my shoulder since there are thousands of articles being published a day about Americans grappling with having to change their holiday plans suddenly and like. hi jews are citizens too we've been adapting to this and struggling with that for eight months now maybe talk to us too?

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