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lovesick kobold, new to the big city and missing the warmth of his dragon

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Meet Moss, the lovable crow who just wants to bake and forage with and for you, who will lovingly leave bones and rocks by your door if you're not home when they visit

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im not a furry!!! im, kobold.... yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip

cute date thing 

Elon musk coming out as someone with Aspergers 

had probably the best date I've had with a cis guy before so im, thriving,

also he's gay so im very very gender rn aaaaa


My house just had a three person yelling match where we were shouting over one another all over the question of "how many birds can an aquarium have before it's just a wet zoo" lmao. It was so fun!

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So much of Jewish culture is "chosing violence: for fun"

Joined a Facebook group where you can only speak Yiddish and I'm screaming at the fact that I was able to have a conversation

$5 for a full meal and a "shabbat shalom"

They also sell kugel and latkes, and there's a kosher butcher next to it that sells shmultz, this is such an amazing find omfg

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My old boss fucked over someone on my case load extremely majorly so my first task Monday morning is to call her and to bark at her lmao god that's fun

My mug is missing from the break room and my autistic ass is going to have a stroke

He was weirdly respectful though? Asked if I had a boyfriend as a way of asking for consent, and when I said yes he just went "have a great day then" and left. Was refreshing

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Getting hit on while in full tznius is very funny to me. Between that, a tikhel, and a face mask everything but my eyes are covered but he's still all 🥺👀

grs, sex, gender 

work + 

I got confused for a ftm guy for like half of 2017 because I went from using she/her to using neopronouns and, it was extremely funny and im hoping I can pull that off again lmao

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