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my gender is: boys are cute and im wamt to hold their hands,

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📌 derailed explanation of my weird gender 

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I think all I need to say as an intro post is that the "feygele" in my bio is a Yiddish word both for "very soft effeminate gay man" and also "a very small bird" which yeah that me

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im not a furry!!! im, kobold.... yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip

Mushrooms from yesterday.
The last one isn't as pretty, but it took the most work to climb to, so I'm including it

mlm flag color picked from Patroclus and Achilles' clothes

I can only find guides for the typical Thin proportions you find everywhere or guides for plus size / obese proportions and hhhhhhh I just want my characters to look how I look I just want to feel represented by them lol

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doing secret midnight reasearch to discovery,,, how to make this protogen tubby

plural stuff, question, boosts welcome 

my partner complemented one of my rocks and I got really excited and hand flappy and blushy and basically what im saying is that im literally a kobold

wait until non floridians learn about how when it gets too cold iguanas fall out of trees and stay comatose until warm again so maybe this week we will have raining iguanas in Miami

dad: you can judge the quality of any scifi show by its groundhog day episode
me: what if it doesnt have one
dad: it does

for all that it creates halakhic complications, i do think there's something poignant about the idea of a field with a grave whose precise location can no longer be remembered. with time, our personal tragedies will fade, become a general ache instead of a pointed sting. the things that grieve us may even turn somehow into soil, into rich earth for crops to grow in, to the point that when, in later times, the whole field is redug anew, no grave is found at all. healing is mysterious and quiet; its edges are not always clearly defined #DafYomi #Pəsaḥim10

the rabbis are now positing Indiana Jones–level mouse capers with swapping out specific crumbs of leaven for specific other crumbs and i'm worried about what kind of mouse infestations they were living with back then #DafYomi #Pəsaḥim10

the #ASL word for "trans" is the same morpheme as "beautiful" but signed over your heart, where you'd sign self 😭

(image/caption: via carodoodles on birdsite: )

learning cultural stuff in other languages is the real hurdle people don't talk about. ok ya got vocab, ya got grammar, but understanding tertiary puns and shit like that is 1000x harder. this comes from me finding out 笑い warai, laughter, is wwww in like text speak for hahaha more or less, and wwww looks like fucking blades of grass some how so lol, as in a lot of laughing, is the kanji for grass 草. you would NEVER work that shit out with a thousand text books of Japanese and years of study if nobody told you istg

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