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Finally got around to watching Diamond Is Unbreakable, only a few episodes in and I can't tear my eyes away :eyes_opposite:

the stone fandom is dying

boost if you're a true stoner

Remember friends, critiquing a piece of media or work doesn’t mean you hate it and thinks it’s the worse thing ever

As much as people want to project that onto you

Watching Star Trek Next generation and I'm on season 3; this seems to be the season where the vast majority of memes come from


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Index is set up again, now to figure out getting my custom songs to work in Beat Saber; practicing a Carpenter Brut song should limber up the arms/wrists nicely

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Only goal for today is to take some leasure time for myself; starting with re-setting up the Index for some Beat Saber, then maybe sitting down to get familiar with Clip Studio Paint

Took me all night, but I think I got it back to where it was before in terms of apps

Seems to have worked, as not only can I install stuff again, but a quick test in Ghostrunner gives me a buttery smooth 144fps that I swear looks better than before

Still need to reconfigure my macros, but that's the fun part I'll leave till tomorrow

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Thank fuck, I got to keep all my files and I just have to re-install the majority of my apps; will probably take me the rest of the night to get back to some semblance of normal, but my time and frustrations have been cut in half

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Backups done, fingers crossed I won't need them and a fresh install of windows via the settings is all I need to fix the problems

Hopefully reinstalling apps will be the only thing I need to do

Fuck it, fixing this thing tonight so I don't put it off any longer!

I did get Clip Studio Paint installed on my laptop, but my Desktop is, at least on the software installation end of things, totally borked

I need a fresh install of Windows to fix my inability to use windows installers, total system wipe, which means doing backups and hours of reinstalling a list of software that spans across 3TB of storage

So, either I fix it now and maybe miss out on socializing tonight, or fix it tomorrow and draw for a few hours on the laptop before socializing

Windows is the worst virus you could possibly install on a computer

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Me: I finally got Clip Studio Paint, time to use it!

Windows InstallShield: We could do that, or... I could hang at 0% Installing for hours with no signs of anything happening, no error codes, not even a program crash to log

Me, furiously googling how to install a .exe without using installshield: Back demon! The power of logic compels you!

InstallShield: you and I both know there is no logic to be found here, surrender.


I have officially been too in-person social today and now I will hibernate in my room


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