Why do so many people on a site where (except ads) what you see is solely based on who you follow, decide to police what other people post by making callouts, starting stupid drama, and try inciting moral panic when the solution is as simple as: stop following/mute/block the account posting what you don't like?!

Take some responsibility for your own media diet an leave the rest of us the fuck alone!


Oh yeah, that's right; if they didn't do that, then the algorithm wouldn't reward them with "eNgAgEmEnT" to make their numbers go up and that would make them do a sad for not being the center of attention


@NickKnack because what you see isn't only stuff from those who you follow. Those same algorithms who reward engagement also intentionally send you content "in your orbit" to outrage you, just so you engage with it.

As someone who does try very hard to "filter my media diet", I still hear about shit I don't wanna know about all the time.


@NickKnack people are the agents of their own suffering

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