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Hi, I'm NickKnack the gay snek from Canada 🐍

I like stories, computers, games, books, :ms_weed: , and the occasional walk/slither through the woods. I tend to be the introverted type, but usually open and outgoing when invited to participate; I'm trying to be better at initiating contact though!

:heart_pride: BIPOC Lives Matter, Trans Rights are Human Rights :heart_trans:

Art by @GavUnimpressive and @/ValentinaPaz on twitter

"Zoom Escaper is a tool to help you escape Zoom meetings and other videoconferencing scenarios.

It allows you to self-sabotage your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others."

Zoom Escaper

Honestly, if you could make it through Fusion and liked the complexity that MercurySteam added to the 2D formula in Samus Returns, you'll probably like Dread, it's a solid experience :jayciethumbsup:

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People talking about Metroid Dread: dis game scawy, it too hawd an de EMI aw buwwies ;_;

Me, a Metroid player since childhood: *laughs in combination Chozo and Luminoth*

is there anything people think is like… good about americans at all

like, the people, not the country itself


I know one of the likely responses to this line of inquiry will be, "fuck dating normies" but that is not only unfair to both the abled and disabled, but promotes a dangerous precident that one should "stay in their lane" with regards to who they date; such rhetoric squaders solidarity and is actively harmful to marginalized communities who had to fight for their right to autonomy

Disabled folks are not a burden to be "lived with," we're people looking to be loved beyond our capabilities


Perhapse these experiences are limited to some of the instances where I as a disabled person was going on dates with able-bodied people, but I can't help but feel like my interests are somehow treated as inferior compared to the activities "normal" people can do without pain or extreme difficulty, like I'm being tested in a way where the expectation is that I will miraculously overcome the pain of my disabilities through "the power of love" and drop undesireable interests just to be worthy

Dating (slight nsfw) 

Some examples:

"Hey, we went rock-climbing yesterday and I'm really sore and embarassed I couldn't keep up, can we play some videogames?"

"Nah, I'm bad at them."

"Hey, we went curling the other day and I fell hard on the ice, can we just cuddle up and watch some cartoons/anime?"

"Nah, I'm only into real stuff."

"That public talk was loud and distressing, can we quietly work on something creative to recharge?"

"Best I can do is suck your dick, take it or leave it."


You know what I really hate about dating? How there's an expectation that you either need to be into the exact same thing your date is, or that one of you has to concede to the other's interest in the name of "compromise"

In my experience, I was always the one expected to "compromise" with activities I either didn't like or could not do because of either physical or mental disabilities, but my interests weren't exciting enough to warrent the other half even trying something I like doing.

That feeling after finally beating Dark Souls 1 (including DLC) for the first time:

Heavy snowfall here today, several feet on the ground with heavy winds. Nothing to do today but smoke some :cannabis_leaf:

Maybe chat with some friends/play a game/do some art while staying warm in a bundle of blankets (I miss having blobfox emojis)

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