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How to get me to slam the back button so hard my screensaver deactivates

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@Motodrachen kinda, I've been busy and just online less in general the past while

abolish all prisons except for one to put everyone verified on twitter in

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Did my best to make my FO4 character look full of cyberbits and extremely done with this shit

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This case study in one of my assignments is for Humungus Car Insurance

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If you design a way to do illegal vore that's an endo crime system

Naming stuff in space after places on earth is a good way to give your scifi setting that imperialist feel

after like thre calls to support it turns out the alexa app just doesn't work properly on android phones so finally my dad can play boomer rock music without having to search through his CDs

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A communist with a rifle is a marxman

By far the scariest thing in Fallout is when to nudge a skeleton and the physics engine decides to launch it at you

Urgh I need to quit using the word lame to mean bad

when you try to explain that the Nordic model has a lot of issues:

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ah yes,, the fursona, the perfect embodiment of all one’s best traits,,, an idealized being. pinnacle of self-expression and pride in the early 21th century

it me tanuki, your beautiful garbage child 💖

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