if you're feeling conflicted between playing the wizard game and not giving money to shitheads I have a solution for you and it's called kickasstorrents dot cr
want to support the developers? ask them for their paypal, they work for warner media, they're salaried, they don't get a cut of the sales


buying shit to "support the developers" flat out doesn't work and isn't anything but a marketing tactic unless the developers own and control the corporation you're giving the money to

@Nerts the devs get payed to develop the game, don't think they see a penny of the profits

@cozykaffe every big name game developer I know of is paid a salary

@Nerts yea I doubt if a game makes more profits it goes to the devs, just goes to the studio for the next game and the execs probably

@cozykaffe @Nerts the vast majority of the time, sales-related bonuses are exclusively for executives.

@Nerts wait
you're telling me that those abuse minimum wage devs aren't treated well by the giant megacorporation that owns their souls?

why would gamers lie to me about that?

@Nerts the way I've gathered it works, the developers/crew have already been paid from the budget. the profits flow upwards to the executives

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