power armour alignment chart with actual power armour in one corner, shield belts on the far end of one axis, fursuits with LEDs on the other, and google glass in the opposite corner

if we add a 3rd axis for worn vs piloted we'd could fit predator drones and teledildonics on it

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@KitRedgrave @Nerts And I'm sure the Korps can provide a power-armour-equivalent for literally any other purpose as well.

@Nerts but it only protects the pilots butt!!!

@Nerts I dont know what the bottom right thing is but I wanna know.

@Thaminga @Nerts RCGs are the chainmail Bikini of the power armor world.

@Nerts this chart is flawed because it's not listing a single Super Sentai / Kamen Rider suit - both of which are technically power armor. :thonking:

@Nerts the Americanized (and far more child friendly) version of Super Sentai is called Power Rangers. :blobcatmlem:

@Nerts Frankie I don't think that's Google Glass.

@PsyChuan IoT vibes:
βœ… worn
βœ… powered
βœ… remote operated
βœ… non-military use

this is a joke but it's based on a really ghoulish thing that actually exists 

@Nerts call me a purist but only one thing on this chart is remotely power armor

@Nerts that's a joke because the chart is already calling me a purist

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